Over Prescription of Painkillers Case Result – Philadelphia, PA


It’s said that everybody makes mistakes, but there’s no excuse for any doctor to make such a drastic mistake as recklessly overprescribing enough powerful painkillers to kill a patient. Unfortunately, a Philadelphia family practitioner who took it upon himself to act as a pain management physician did this not once, but twice. Two men died, leaving behind loving families. Two sets of parents had to bury a son who should’ve had decades of life before him.

This particular victim had worked as an accountant for major corporations and firms since graduating from a prestigious school, Drexel University, in 1995. When he went to his family practitioner in pain, the doctor didn’t refer the patient to a pain management specialist with the experience and credentials to appropriately prescribe painkillers. Instead, this physician with no formal training or board certification recklessly chose to try his hand at pain management. From 2005 through 2009, the doctor prescribed escalating doses of powerful “schedule II” narcotics.

The patient obtained these controlled substances legally, from his doctor, but the physician he trusted led him down a path of addiction and dependence. Even when the patient entered a drug rehabilitation center in 2006, his family practitioner continued to prescribe dangerous doses of OxyContin for years. Ultimately, the patient died of a drug overdose related to the addiction he developed while under the care of this negligent doctor. At the time of his death, the patient was just 40 years old. He left behind two parents who had to bear the tragedy of burying a child and two siblings, a brother and a sister.

Though no amount of money could bring back this man who died so tragically or ease the grief of his family and friends, our attorneys were able to recover $825,000 on his behalf. In doing so, we could hold this twice negligent doctor responsible for his lethal mistakes.