Avoid an Independence Day disaster with these Firework Safety Month tips. With Independence Day on the horizon, it won’t be long until fireworks light up the night sky across the nation. There may be few things more American than watching the rockets’ red (and blue, green, and gold) glare, but remember that even the smallest sparklers are still explosive – and dangerous – pyrotechnics. It doesn’t take much to suffer accidental burns from carelessly setting off fireworks, or even watching… Read More

As our area braces for the first cold snap of winter – and the first snow of the season – driving becomes more dangerous. The current forecasts for our area may be predicting only little accumulation. But the reality is that even a dusting of snow can be dangerous. In light snow, many drivers won’t practice additional safety measures like driving more slowly or leaving extra space between cars. Light snow also means that schools and other organizations and businesses… Read More

The increase in traffic around Christmas can be deadly – but our top 7 safety tips can help you survive the dangers. If it seems like your commute has become more congested, it’s not your imagination. The bustle of the holiday traffic increase is real. And so is the risk increase that results from this phenomenon. Holiday Traffic Statistics It’s a holiday tradition no one wants to observe – the one that claims hundreds of lives in a matter of… Read More

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and has used talc powder in the past, then this will be the most important and shocking information you’ll ever read. For decades, scientists have asked whether talc power contributes to ovarian cancer. But despite their suspicions – and the dozens of studies that suggest there’s a link – nothing was done. Manufacturers of baby powders and body powders denied that their products could cause ovarian cancer. They refused even to warn consumers of the possibility.… Read More

If you’ve ever slipped on ice before, you know that the danger is serious. Broken arms, broken hips, and head and back injuries are a few of the most common injuries people suffer then they fall on ice – and, unfortunately, they’re also some of the most life-altering. The good news is that even in icy conditions, you can protect yourself from a painful slip and fall injury. The easiest way is to know what to avoid. The first rule… Read More

A slip and fall on ice is no minor accident – it can lead to broken bones, permanent back injuries, and mountains of medical bills. You don’t have much control over the weather or the way someone else removes (or fails to remove) snow and ice from their property. One thing you can control is whether you’re wearing the right footwear to keep yourself from sliding. For a walk in icy conditions, choose your shoes carefully. They could make you… Read More

When your loved one suffers a stroke, everything changes. As the fourth leading cause of death in the nation, a stroke can suddenly take the life of a family member. Even if your loved one survived, the damage can be permanent. The stroke could leave your family member paralyzed, unable to walk and dependent on help even for such basic tasks as getting dressed and eating. The dramatic emotional changes and the difficulties thinking and remembering that accompany a stroke… Read More

Most accidents result from negligence – but who’s at fault isn’t always clear right away. Find out some examples of preventable accidents and what to do if you think your injury was avoidable. How many times have you heard the phrase, “just an accident”? The words often imply that no one is at fault. No one meant for it to happen. It’s just an accident. But when that accident has changed your life, that phrase just an accident isn’t good… Read More

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