Halloween isn’t all about artificial spooks and choreographed frights – it’s also about the truly scary things, like ghost stories based on factual history and repeated rumors of otherworldly sightings. With the Pine Barrens – home of the legendary Jersey Devil – filling more than a million acres of South Jersey, it’s only natural (or supernatural) that ghost stories abound in the region. Whether or not you’re a believer in the paranormal, it’s the perfect time of year to enjoy… Read More

Automaker General Motors (GM) has been in the news a lot recently, and the troubled company has proven that bad publicity is still, in fact, bad publicity. After a massive recall of 1,600,000 vehicles for faulty ignition switches beginning in February 2014, GM has just announced yet another safety-related recall. This time, the 51,640 SUVs affected have defective fuel gauges that could allow cars to run out of gasoline suddenly while their unsuspecting operators still believe they have plenty of… Read More

Diets are a tricky thing. Common sense tells us to consume no more calories than we expend; to eat foods that have actual nutrients and minimize our consumption of those that don’t. Yet every time we walk into a grocery store, we’re confronted with mixed messages: “diet” snacks that provide no actual value, sugar-free sweets, and zero-calorie substances that aren’t actually food. As a society, our relationship with these questionable food options is complicated. We’re enamored with the idea of… Read More

Our eyes are in the front for a reason. We don’t need 360-degree vision to avoid predators, or dodge fly swatters on muggy back porches. Top of the food chain design: what we see is what we want, and it’s likely the direction we’ll head in next. Visual perception can dominate our decision making from the foods we eat to the people we love. What our eyes interpret can also lead us to discriminate, even hate those different from us.… Read More

Whenever there is a national tragedy, we look to find reason as to why it occurred and what can be done to stop it from ever happening again. Never again, as they say. So why is it, despite all of the tragedies involving illegally obtained weapons or weapons that should not be in the hands of the general public in the first place, we have not made any real progress when it comes to gun control? Following a string of… Read More

The following is a guest post from Brockton  Social Security Disability Lawyer-, d’Oliveira & Associates Muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and nerves can be affected by a series of painful disorders known collectively as musculoskeletal disorders. The pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders has the ability to range from minor discomfort, to aches, pains, and to increasingly serious pain that may require heavy medication or serious surgery to correct the problems. Musculoskeletal disorders can often occur when one part of the body is… Read More

We spend a lot of time on our blog focusing on accidents, but we rarely delve into a fun outlook of the vehicles that mobilize us. In pop culture, cars have played a huge role. From Chiddy to the DeLorean these cars have played a vital role in our favorite films and TV shows. Why not celebrate the vehicles that rise above the rest by being ALIVE! In the world of Hollywood nothing is too outlandish, not even vehicles that… Read More

For the second installment of our documentary review series we turn our attention to the BBC’s “Law and Disorder in Philadelphia.” The 2008 documentary conducted by Louis Theroux aimed to find out why Philadelphia is one of the most dangerous cities in America. First and foremost, this documentary seems a bit misguided. Apparently the BBC did not look very hard into the crime statistics in America. According to the “2008 City Crime Rankings,” Philadelphia was ranked at 22, which hardly… Read More

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