As our area braces for the first cold snap of winter – and the first snow of the season – driving becomes more dangerous. The current forecasts for our area may be predicting only little accumulation. But the reality is that even a dusting of snow can be dangerous. In light snow, many drivers won’t practice additional safety measures like driving more slowly or leaving extra space between cars. Light snow also means that schools and other organizations and businesses… Read More

In an accident? Wondering what to do next? These 6 tips from experienced accident lawyers can help you navigate the complex process and get the medical care and compensation you deserve. An accident can be stressful, but knowing what to do next can make things easier. These six simple tips are the same recommendations the award-winning attorneys at Console & Hollawell give our own family and friends after a car accident. Following these steps can help you start getting your… Read More

Knowing what information you need to get in an accident can help you get your car fixed, your injuries treated, and your claim started sooner – with less hassle. Get the other driver’s information. That’s one recommendation you always hear after a car accident. But what does it really mean? What information do you need to get? And what happens if you don’t get all of the right information while you’re at the scene? Contact Information First thing’s first –… Read More

Find out how your car crash will affect you – and what you can do to minimize the impact of this accident on your life. If you have just been in a car accident, it might be too soon yet to know exactly how this collision will affect your life. As you’re beginning to see how frustrating – even devastating – a car crash can be, you might wonder what other consequences to expect. Life after a car accident can… Read More

Find out whether a car accident will increase your insurance rates – and why the notion that pursuing a personal injury claim will raise your rates is a myth. No question about it – you pay a lot of money for auto insurance as it is New Jersey, in particular, is among the most expensive states in the nation to insure a car in. And the premiums in Pennsylvania aren’t exactly small change, either. So it’s no surprise that, on… Read More

Do you know the 5 things you must do after a collision with an Uber car? If you don’t take the right steps after a car accident – any car accident – you could hurt your chances of getting life back to normal. A misstep could prevent you from ever getting what you deserve in a personal injury claim or even making the best possible physical recovery. In a crash with an Uber vehicle, the situation is much more complicated… Read More

The majority of Americans don’t want to ride in a driverless vehicle like the Google car – and accidents like this are precisely why. You’ve likely heard about the Google Self-Driving Car project. Since 2009, these so-called “autonomous vehicles” – about 55 in all – have been test driving across the nation. Just weeks ago, one collided with a bus – and from facts like the police report, it appears it may have been at least partially at fault. Google… Read More

How economic improvement is killing thousands After years of recession followed by more years of slow progress, the economy is finally looking up. Even the cost of gasoline has plummeted. That’s good news for all of us, right? Maybe not. Thousands more people are dying on roads across the United States this year, and experts say that’s no coincidence. Why a Better Economy Equals Thousands of Deaths More jobs translate to more people on the road, and cheaper gas means… Read More

This one bad driving habit is behind the most aggravating traffic jams clogging up your commute. We’ve all been there – trapped in an ocean of glaring red brake lights, waiting for what seems like an eternity for the bumper-to-bumper traffic to clear. Yet when it does, there’s no obvious reason for traffic to have slowed to a crawl in the first place. No debris from an accident, no construction or lane closures – just a lot of frustrated drivers.… Read More

Every year, thousands of young people die in auto accidents, and hundreds of thousands sustain injuries. Even one avoidable child death is too many, but statistics show the problem is far more widespread than that. On average, more than a dozen children under 12 die every week in a crash – and that’s excluding teenagers, who make up the single most at-risk group for car accidents. May is Youth Traffic Safety Month, the perfect time to remind your kids –… Read More

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