Photo Credit: Pixabay (public domain). “Adverse reaction to prescription drugs.” “Combined toxic effects” of the same medications. “Drug intoxication.” For grieving family members, these descriptions of a loved one’s cause of death bring little closure. If anything, the survivors feel confused that something like this could have ever happened to their loved one, or even guilty for not finding a way to stop it. This isn’t fair. Death certificates and medical examiner’s reports should provide answers, not raise more questions. And… Read More

Perhaps the only thing that could make you feel sicker than actually experiencing nausea is learning that your anti-nausea medication is what caused your child’s severe birth defect. When you began suffering severe morning sickness in the first trimester of your pregnancy, you took Zofran because you were assured that it was safe. Now, though, reports are going public that the drug has led to heart problems, skull deformities, and deaths in the babies whose mothers used it during pregnancy.… Read More

Update: Just one day after Philadelphia physician Dr. William J. O’Brien III was indicted on charges including conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, another Pennsylvania doctor and his receptionist were arraigned on similar charges. Dr. Steven Friedman and receptionist Margaret McGowan, both in their 70s, were arraigned Friday on charges of criminal conspiracy, illegally administering painkiller prescriptions, and violating the Controlled Substances and Drugs Act, NBC News reported. From a Havertown, PA, office, Friedman and McGowan allegedly distributed prescriptions for a… Read More

Xarelto is a prescription anticoagulant – or blood thinner – intended to treat (or prevent at-risk patients from ever developing) potentially fatal blood clots. When the bestselling medication began to lead to uncontrolled hemorrhage, though, the flood of resulting lawsuits put companies Bayer and Johnson & Johnson on the defensive. Now legal experts are trying to consolidate the 50 lawsuits already filed – as well as future lawsuits, of which there could be thousands – in an effort that could… Read More

Let’s start with the bad news: prescription painkiller overdoses are up yet again. In 2011 – the most recent year for which data has been released – 16,917 people died from drug poisoning involving opioid painkillers, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported. More people died from prescription medication overdoses than from overdosing on heroin and cocaine combined – and that’s been the case for years now. There is good news, though. Yes, overdose deaths are still increasing –… Read More

Counterfeit medications are a growing problem in the United States – and not only for patients. Even your doctor might not be able to distinguish between the real medicine and useless, or harmful, fakes. Why bother making fake medicines? Counterfeit drugs are a multibillion dollar industry, and the makers who are caught and convicted often face little jail time, USA Today reported. Photo Credit: Flickr (Creative Commons license). The ongoing problem of counterfeit medications has prompted the United States Food and… Read More

Which drug is more dangerous, one that remains illegal in much of the country or one that’s prescribed by a doctor and taken as instructed? When the drugs in question are marijuana for medical purposes versus powerfully addictive opioid painkillers like hydrocodone and oxycodone, there’s evidence that one of these drugs is significantly less risky than the other. You might not often hear “saving lives” as an argument for legalizing medical marijuana – but new research indicates that could be… Read More

You’ve probably heard that antibiotics are widely overprescribed. What you might not know is that there’s a far more imminent potential risk when taking these drugs than medication-resistant superbugs – things like heart failure and death, according to new research. If you’ve had a common bacterial infection – or if you were prescribed an antibiotic even without having a bacterial infection – there’s a chance that you’ve taken this medication. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons (public domain). What the New Study Says… Read More

Asker: Can I sue a medical professional for malpractice? What about suing a doctor for withholding information that caused a delay in treatment? Attorney: Medical malpractice is a common focus of questions from clients and prospective clients. “Med mal” claims are notoriously complicated, even for those of us in the legal industry – and these cases are extremely confusing for people with no legal background. Most people don’t understand what constitutes medical malpractice or who they can sue and under… Read More

In the news today are two sadly similar stories, one involving a football star who plays more than 100 miles away and the other centering on a grisly murder right here in the South Jersey community. Together, these headlines tell a heartbreaking story about the seriousness of domestic violence and the consistently inadequate response to this very real threat. Despite campaigns to make the public more aware of domestic violence, assaults still happen, and assailants still go unpunished or barely… Read More

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