Throughout the process of handling your own personal injury claim, you’re likely to need a little help. You may run into words and phrases used in the legal system and the insurance industry that you don’t totally understand. You’ll likely come up against complicated concepts, like how Personal Injury Insurance (PIP) works. When you sit down to write a demand letter, you may realize that you don’t know how to format your letter, and how much easier the task would… Read More

It may have taken some time and some dedication, but you did it. You stood up to an insurance adjuster and skillfully negotiated a settlement. Now you can finally put this whole unpleasant experience behind you and move on with your life, right? Well… almost. The good news is that, yes, most of your work is done. However, as you wrap up your personal injury claim, don’t let your guard down. Until all the paperwork is completed and the money… Read More

You’ve taken the time to craft a thorough, well-organized, well-documented demand letter. You used every possible resource to make your claim as strong as it can be. So what happens when the insurance adjuster receives your letter, reads through it, and calls you to begin negotiating a settlement? Negotiating a personal injury settlement isn’t quite the same as haggling at a yard sale or bargaining with a car dealership salesperson. While some of the same negotiating techniques work, others fall… Read More

When you spend as much time preparing for a claim as you have, it’s natural to start to wonder when your efforts will finally pay off. Despite the pain of your injuries and the stress you’re dealing with, you’ve worked hard to determine liability and collect proof of the at-fault party’s negligence. You’ve made it through your treatment phase, keeping all of your doctor appointments even when it wasn’t convenient, and made sure that your doctor has documented every medical… Read More

One of the hardest parts of handling your personal injury case on your own is accurately calculating the value of your claim. For one thing, there are so many factors that contribute to case value, many of them subjective. Even if you take into consideration every possible detail, determining how these factors should influence value is not as simple as plugging numbers into an equation. Calculating the value of a personal injury claim is an art. Instead of solving for… Read More

Your success in recovering a fair settlement for your personal injury claim hinges on a concept called liability. Liability, in terms of personal injury, is the legal responsibility of a person or organization as it pertains to the obligation to act with the safety of others in mind. In the case of an accident, whether it’s a car crash or a safety hazard on a property, the party who is at fault for the accident is liable for the damage… Read More

Contacting your own insurance company is the first step toward setting up your medical claim, and potentially a property damage claim. However, to make a claim for damages such as pain and suffering, you have to go through the at-fault party’s insurance company. Whether your accident involved a motor vehicle or a hazardous commercial or private property, the process is the same. You should formally notify, in writing, all other parties involved of two important facts: That the accident occurred… Read More

Now that you understand the basics of how to interact with your and the other party’s insurance companies, including what tricks to watch out for, you have all the knowledge you need to begin the claims process. It starts with opening your medical claim through your own insurance company. What No-Fault Laws Mean for Your Medical Coverage Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey have no-fault automobile accident laws. Of course the accident is someone’s fault – if it wasn’t, you would… Read More

Insurance adjusters may approach you as friends, but when it comes to getting your claim paid, the insurance company is your adversary. It may not be a personal feud – you want the most money for your claim, and they want to pay you the least amount of money to protect their employer’s bottom line – but the situation does put you on opposite ends of the bargaining table. Even if the insurance adjuster seems like the friendliest person in… Read More

If you’re dreading the flood of phone calls and letters from insurance companies after your accident, you’re not alone. Dealing with insurance companies, even at this early stage, can be frustrating. If more than one company is involved – your own and another driver’s, or multiple companies representing multiple at-fault parties – you may not know who to contact first, or what information you are required to provide to which company. It can be hard enough even to remember which… Read More

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