These five tech-savvy treatments you’ve never heard of could be the solution to your phantom pain problem. For limb loss survivors, phantom limb pain is a notoriously difficult problem. You shouldn’t have to put up with the burning, crushing, itching, or twisting pain intruding on your life. But with no limb there to manipulate, amputation phantom pain has historically been very difficult to treat. Fortunately, today there are cutting-edge treatments that show a good deal of promise. What Causes Limb… Read More

Grief after limb loss is normal. Here are 5 things you need to know about coping with depression and anxiety after an amputation. It’s clear that an amputation affects limb loss survivors in physical ways. But the emotional and psychological impacts of losing a limb are sometimes just as serious as the physical ones. The relationship between amputation, grief, and depression is very real and, often, very strong. Limb Loss and Grief If you’re experiencing grief or even battling clinical… Read More

In honor of what’s left of Black Friday and the retail employees forced to work this Thanksgiving, we’re rounding up the best and worst retailers. Consider it your list of the most ethical places to shop for the holiday season – and the stores that might not really deserve your business. Black Friday is creeping ever earlier, and to many would-be shoppers, it’s a sign that retailers’ behavior is getting out of hand. Gone are the days of waking up… Read More

In our 20+ years of practicing personal injury law, we’ve seen a lot of accidents that didn’t have to happen – and ways they could’ve been prevented. People sometimes use the word accident to mean an unavoidable mishap. Something no one could have foreseen or prevented. But the truth is that many – if not most – accidents are avoidable. They didn’t have to happen. There was a clear cause for why things went wrong, why someone got hurt –… Read More

What seems like a random but unfortunate situation might actually be the grounds for a legal claim – and an attorney can help you find out for sure. Think personal injury attorneys only handle car accidents and slip and falls? Then you’d be surprised at the kind of cases we can help you with. Prescription Drug Addiction and Overdose You might not associate a drug addiction or overdose with negligence. To most people, it may not seem like the kind… Read More

Find out how long your personal injury claim could take – and what you can do to get your money sooner. When a serious injury affects you all day, every day, time doesn’t exactly fly. It’s not only your journey to recovery that can seem painfully slow, either. The personal injury claims process isn’t designed to get you the compensation you deserve quickly and easily. It’s full of obstacles and opportunities for the other side to hold up the process… Read More

How much will you get for your case? There’s only one way to find out. It’s one of the most common questions personal injury lawyers hear: how much is my case worth? Unfortunately, this question is also one of the most difficult to answer. That’s because there’s no simple formula to decide, no automatic value that even the most experienced attorney can apply to your circumstances. In every personal injury claim, there are countless details at play – things like… Read More

Once your case is closed, it’s closed for good – so make sure it’s handled correctly from the start! It happens all the time –accident victims ask if it’s possible to reopen a closed case. Their injuries are more serious than they thought, or they need to undergo a surgery they hadn’t planned for when they settled the case. They’ve been out of work longer than expected. They need more money to compensate them for losses that they hadn’t realized… Read More

On any snowy day, think about your walking route. Can you take an elevator instead of potentially slippery steps? At any point on your path, do you have the option of using a tunnel instead of walking out in the open? If so, do – during winter storms, minimizing the risk of a slip and fall on ice the most important thing you can do. When walking in icy conditions, you’re at a big disadvantage. Ice doesn’t provide the same… Read More

Poet Robert Frost may have famously taken the road less traveled, but he probably didn’t do it during an ice storm. A snowy day is not the time to pioneer your own route – and trying could increase your risk of suffering a slip and fall on ice. In slippery weather conditions, the route you walk could make a big difference in your safety. Stick to well-traveled (and hopefully treated) walkways. Even if walkways haven’t been treated, the foot traffic… Read More

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