Photo Credit: Pixabay (public domain). “Adverse reaction to prescription drugs.” “Combined toxic effects” of the same medications. “Drug intoxication.” For grieving family members, these descriptions of a loved one’s cause of death bring little closure. If anything, the survivors feel confused that something like this could have ever happened to their loved one, or even guilty for not finding a way to stop it. This isn’t fair. Death certificates and medical examiner’s reports should provide answers, not raise more questions. And… Read More

Simply breathing in the wrong place could put you in danger of suffering a life-threatening lung infection. Feeling ill? Your cough might be more than seasonal allergies or a nasty cold. Every year, early autumn sees an upsurge in cases of a severe form of pneumonia called Legionnaires’ disease, according to the New Jersey Herald. And if you’re like many Legionnaires’ disease patients, you never even realized you were being exposed to dangerous bacteria. If you have flu-like symptoms, read… Read More

Update: Just one day after Philadelphia physician Dr. William J. O’Brien III was indicted on charges including conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, another Pennsylvania doctor and his receptionist were arraigned on similar charges. Dr. Steven Friedman and receptionist Margaret McGowan, both in their 70s, were arraigned Friday on charges of criminal conspiracy, illegally administering painkiller prescriptions, and violating the Controlled Substances and Drugs Act, NBC News reported. From a Havertown, PA, office, Friedman and McGowan allegedly distributed prescriptions for a… Read More

Yesterday’s freezing rain claimed at least five lives in our region and caused hundreds of cars to collide – and the danger isn’t over yet. Icy patches remained on roadways, parking lots, and walkways this morning, putting drivers at risk of crashing and pedestrians at risk of slipping and falling on ice. With flooding in nearby areas, including Mount Laurel, even ice that melts during the warmest part of today could refreeze when the temperature drops tonight. Whether you’re driving… Read More

Christmas carols are blaring from the local radio stations, shopping centers are packed, and it certainly feels cold enough to snow, but feeling truly festive calls for something a little more exciting. Whether you’re already counting down the days or still trying to get into the holiday spirit, you don’t have to go far to experience the joy of the season. In the South Jersey and Philadelphia region, we’re surrounded by holiday attractions great for, well, kids from one to… Read More

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – in some places more than others. While many of us are still decking our halls, the best holiday light displays in the world are already brightening up the season. Between the parties, the holiday shopping, and finding the time to partake in all of the traditions that make your holidays magical, you don’t exactly have the time for a cross-country road trip or an international flight. That’s why we’ve listed the… Read More

One minute, it was business as usual in the Feltonville neighborhood of Philadelphia. Around 5:30 p.m., the La Parrillada Chapina food truck was parked near 3rd Street and Wyoming Avenue, NBC News reported. Without warning, a propane tank inside the truck caught fire. The food truck exploded, engulfing the street in a “fireball” and shooting flames 200 feet in the air. Witnesses described a sound that reminded them of a bomb and a lot of screaming. “There was a good… Read More

A summertime snack run took a tragic turn this weekend when a three-year-old girl died in what witnesses are calling a freak accident. Around 4:30 Saturday afternoon, the young victim, who The Huffington Post identified as Wynter Larkin, was visiting a Brewerytown Rita’s Water Ice stand in north Philadelphia with her mother. A fundraiser for the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and the Omega Psi Phi fraternity was being held at the store. Suddenly, a metal security door weighing approximately 2,000… Read More

Emergency responders and passersby pulled 14 people from the rubble of a Philadelphia Salvation Army struck by a demolished four-story building Wednesday afternoon. Multiple national media outlets are reporting that 13 of those rescued were taken to area hospitals and conflicting sources indicate one or two have died from their injuries. The building being demolished reportedly “fell the wrong way,” which caused it crash directly into the thrift store that sits on a busy street corner in tourist friendly downtown… Read More

Car insurance for drivers living in Philadelphia is really expensive. In fact, according to the latest data released by Runzheimer International, a competitive analysis and mobility services firm, Philadelphia is the second-most expensive city for auto coverage in the country. The average annual premium, as stated in the firm’s report, for a Philly driver with what most consumers consider “full coverage” is $4,076 annually as of 2011. That’s about $340 every month spread out over a given year. Why do… Read More

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