On any snowy day, think about your walking route. Can you take an elevator instead of potentially slippery steps? At any point on your path, do you have the option of using a tunnel instead of walking out in the open? If so, do – during winter storms, minimizing the risk of a slip and fall on ice the most important thing you can do. When walking in icy conditions, you’re at a big disadvantage. Ice doesn’t provide the same… Read More

Poet Robert Frost may have famously taken the road less traveled, but he probably didn’t do it during an ice storm. A snowy day is not the time to pioneer your own route – and trying could increase your risk of suffering a slip and fall on ice. In slippery weather conditions, the route you walk could make a big difference in your safety. Stick to well-traveled (and hopefully treated) walkways. Even if walkways haven’t been treated, the foot traffic… Read More

Nothing can slow down a snow removal job like the snow sticking to the shovel. Big clumps of snow can weigh your shovel down and decrease the space for scooping up new snow, making your work more tiring and inefficient than it needs to be. Every time you try to jostle stuck snow off of the blade, you’re wasting valuable time and energy. If the snow sticks enough, you might start to feel like you’re shoveling every pile of snow… Read More

When it comes to snow removal, most of us just want to get it done. We’re not strategizing the best way to go about it – but maybe we should be. Having a sound shoveling strategy will mean you’re not wasting time and energy moving the same snow twice or moving it farther than you need to. Take It Step by Step Start at the front of your driveway. At the midpoint between the two edges, shovel a single strip… Read More

Every winter, the demand for rock salt and other ice melt chemicals is as limitless as the potential for snowfall. Whether you don’t have the time to get to the store before the next storm or the shelves at your local store are already empty, it’s time for a DIY solution. Chemical Ice Melt Solutions Table Salt You don’t have to buy giant canisters or heavy bags of rock salt to melt ice – just raid your kitchen. Granted, table… Read More

Happy Groundhog’s Day – though to those hoping for a quick end to winter and a long spring, it might not be such a happy occasion after all. Several famous Pennsylvania groundhogs, including Punxsutawney Phil, York’s Poor Richard, and Lancaster County’s Mount Joy Minnie have all predicted six more weeks of winter. Whether or not you believe Punxsutawney Phil has any real power to predict the coming weather, the slushy mess on the roads this morning and the frigid forecast… Read More

With the potential for snow in this week’s forecast, many of us are dreading the chore of snow removal. This one tip can make your cleanup much easier, and it works for everything from driveways to walkways. Put away the shovel – if you plan ahead, you might not need it at all! The Most Efficient Way to Clear Snow (No Shovel Needed) You don’t need much – a tarp, some rope or twine, and most importantly, time. If you… Read More

No one loves to shovel snow – play in it, maybe, but not shovel it. Most of us regard this winter chore as a necessary evil, but we still don’t appreciate just how hazardous shoveling can be to our health. Every year, snow shoveling mishaps send around 11,500 people to the emergency room, some for life-threatening conditions. The dangerous combination of cold temperatures and physical exertion – shoveling snow for just two minutes can raise heart rates to dangerous levels… Read More

Yesterday’s freezing rain claimed at least five lives in our region and caused hundreds of cars to collide – and the danger isn’t over yet. Icy patches remained on roadways, parking lots, and walkways this morning, putting drivers at risk of crashing and pedestrians at risk of slipping and falling on ice. With flooding in nearby areas, including Mount Laurel, even ice that melts during the warmest part of today could refreeze when the temperature drops tonight. Whether you’re driving… Read More

Here at Console & Hollawell, we’re all about celebrating the holidays in style. This year, we decided a great way to bring the festive spirit of the season into the office was to challenge our staff to a desk decorating contest – and our employees sure did rise to the occasion! With themes ranging from sparkly snowflakes and classic color combinations to popular movies and a massive, multi-desk Santa’s Workshop, each workstation became as unique as the staff member who… Read More

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