There is an ever-increasing trend on YouTube right now that is quite disturbing. Young girls and even some boys as young as 11 posting videos to the site asking people to tell them whether they are ugly or not. These are children we are talking about. Our society is a toxic environment for young women in particular. The media is constantly hounding girls with advertisements and celebrities all telling her that she needs to look a certain way, be a certain size, and that anything apart from that is ugly.

In the following video one young girl who can’t be more than 12 asks people to comment because she thinks she is fat and ugly—complete fallacies.

Even more disturbing than these kids’ low self-esteem are the comments that are being made on the videos. They are too deplorable to even restate, but they range from highly inappropriate sexual comments to comments urging the suicide of the child featured in the video.

This is disgusting. I feel like I am at a loss as to what to say about this. There is no prescribed definition of beauty. Beauty is every one of us. The media and Hollywood attempt to make us think otherwise, but they do not decide.

We as a society need to be better, even if for no other reason than protecting our children. Comments like the one seen on that video are enough to drive someone to making a tragic and rash decision. Why do we allow society to make our children feel any less than they are—perfect. We need to work harder to remove these unattainable ideals. We need to tell our children, siblings, parents, friends, everyone that they are beautiful all the time.

Society does not define my beauty, or anyone’s’. To all those who are spreading this negative fiflth online: think to yourself each time you go to demine another how would you feel if those comments were being made to you, your mother, your sister, your brother, your father, or anyone you love. Hatred spreads like a disease, you can prevent it.

Here is one of my personal favorite comments on the subject. Be aware that this does contain explicit content.

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