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Your injury affects you every hour of every day. You don’t get a break from the pain or the limitations it causes you. It’s hard to go about your daily routine, to work, to walk, even to sleep. And that’s just the start of your problems, unfortunately. The medical bills pile up. You have to squeeze doctor’s appointments into your family’s already hectic schedule.

You’re coping with a lot right now – too much for you to handle alone. You need help getting your life back on track. That’s what we’re here for. We handle personal injury cases exclusively, so we know how stressful the days after an accident can be for victims, and we know how to help you through this difficult time.

Personal Injury Basics

Your accident has shoved you into a confusing new world – the world of personal injury law.

Every victim should have the chance to understand the basics of the personal injury claims process. That way you can make important decisions about your rights.

The Definition of Personal Injury

A personal injury is physical harm – an injury to your person, rather than just to property you own or the reputation you have.

In a personal injury claim, this physical harm comes from an accident someone else caused.

Personal injury claim

Personal Injury Terminology

You don’t need to know all the legal terminology if you make the wise decision of hiring the right personal injury lawyer to handle your case. But here are a couple of basic definitions you might want to know:

  • Damages: In personal injury, damages refers to any harm or losses you suffered from the accident. Your damages may include:
    • Your injuries
    • Medical bills
    • Lost wages, if your injury keeps you out of work
    • Pain and suffering you experience from injury
    • Any expected future losses, like the cost of future treatments or loss of earning potential

You might also hear the phrase money damages. This just means the compensation you receive for your losses.

Personal Injury Lawyer NJ

  • Negligence: In personal injury, negligence means showing a lack of care. Whether a reckless driver, an inattentive property owner, or a distracted doctor caused your injury, you need evidence to prove this person was negligent.Don’t worry too much about that, though – gathering and presenting that evidence to get you the money you deserve is your personal injury lawyer’s job.

New Jersey Personal Injury Law

Depositions. Interrogatories. Mediations and arbitrations. If you’re trying to figure this whole process out on your own, the jargon is enough to make your head spin. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Console & Hollawell will be your guides throughout the entire process. We know that personal injury law is complex – after all, we’ve spent decades handling these claims.

We’ll take as much of this burden off of your shoulders as possible. When you do have a direct role to play in your claim, like you would in a deposition, we’ll go over with you what to expect and make the process as easy as possible. You’ll never have to worry about your claim.

The Personal Injury Claims Process

Our personal injury flow chart breaks down the claims process for you.

Personal Injury Claims Process Flowchart


As soon as you reach out to us, we begin investigating your claim. We start gathering evidence right away. If necessary, we find experts in accident reconstruction, medicine and other fields to support your case.

Console & Hollawell focuses on preparing your case for trial from the start. It’s too early to resolve your case while you’re still treating your injuries. After all, we wouldn’t want to settle for less money than you deserve. But throughout this stage, we still work diligently to build your claim.

In this stage of the personal injury process, we send the demand letter. This document presents your case to the defendant and begins negotiations with the insurance company.


When your medical treatment is at an end or your case is nearing the legal deadlines, we start litigation, the process of filing a lawsuit.

Though your case is progressing, we continue to work toward a settlement. But if a trial is what it takes to get you everything you deserve, we’re ready to take your case to court.


When we reach the right settlement or win you a jury award, your case is nearly over – but there’s still some work to do.

We’ll collect the money you’re owed. If you have any remaining expenses, like out-of-pocket medical costs, we’ll make sure they get paid. Then we’ll get your money to you as soon as we can. Even now, we’re working hard to make things easier on you – including negotiating down your medical bills.

Components of a NJ Personal Injury Case

Three components make up a personal injury case: medical attention, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

  • Medical Attention. Medical care is essential for treating your injuries. What you might not know is that seeing a medical professional as necessary serves a second purpose: documenting those injuries. Insurance companies might try to argue that you weren’t as serious as you say to get out of paying what you deserve. But when you see a doctor, your medical records provide a valid record of treatment for your case.

Finding the right doctors to treat you after an accident can be tricky. If you need help, our New Jersey personal injury lawyers can look for qualified medical professionals with experience diagnosing and treating the types of injuries caused by accidents. We’ll get you receive medical attention not only for the pain you’re feeling right now, but also for any long-term problems that result. Don’t worry about the costs right now – your health is the most important thing. We’ll make sure your medical benefits under personal injury protection (PIP) are being covered or ask doctors to hold off billing you until your case is resolved.

  • Loss of Wages. Accidents can cause injuries serious enough to keep you out of work. At Console & Hollawell‚ we fight to get you compensation for any lost wages that result from the accident.

If you’re unable to return to work due to your injury‚ we’ll seek additional compensation for future lost wages. We won’t let the injury caused by someone else’s carelessness prevent you from supporting yourself and your family.

  • Pain and Suffering. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we or anyone else can do to reverse the accident. We can’t prevent you from having to endure the physical and emotional consequences of your injury.

What we can do is get you compensation for the pain you have experienced and the suffering the injury has caused you. The accident disrupted your life. Our role is to fight for justice and secure the settlement you need to make things right.

Choosing a NJ Personal Injury Lawyer

Your case belongs in the hands of a personal injury lawyer who always puts clients first and isn’t afraid to fight for their rights. At Console & Hollawell‚ we pride ourselves in cultivating personal relationships with our clients and going the extra mile to take care of them. Let us know what problems you’re facing – you might be surprised how much we can help with!

We’ve handled personal injury cases of all kinds and recovered large settlements or verdicts for victims of car accidentsslip and falls, and other types of accidents in New Jersey. We’re in it to win it for you. If we can’t secure you a settlement‚ you don’t owe us a dime.
Personal Injury Lawyers | Console & Hollawell

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Types of Personal Injury Cases in New Jersey

Personal injuries come in many forms. Some are common enough to be their own categories. Other cases are hard to accident illustration

  • Slip and fall at Rite Aid | Console & Hollawell Personal Injury LawyersSlip and falls: Falls are the number-one cause of unintentional injuries in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Accidents on hazardous properties, including falls, are known as premises liability claims. These cases are complex, but a dedicated personal injury lawyer in NJ can get you maximum compensation for your slip and fall case.

Many slip and falls happen on commercial properties. A dangerous condition like a wet or cracked floor could lead you to suffer a personal injury in a grocery store or a retailer like Kohl’s.

You may also be entitled to money damages for a fall that happened on a private property, like someone else’s residence. You might have a personal injury homeowner’s claim if you suffer an injury on property you rent.

Wherever your fall happened, you’ll need help to overcome the hurdles slip and fall victims face. Don’t worry. Our New Jersey personal injury lawyers have the skills to help – and the results to prove it.

  • worker's compensation accident justiceWorker’s compensation claims: When you suffer a personal injury on the job, you have the right to pursue a worker’s comp claim – no matter who or what caused your accident. Through a first-party, no-fault worker’s comp claim, you can receive benefits like coverage for related medical treatment and wage loss.

But you could still end up missing out on a major chunk of your usual income. That’s because you can only receive 70 percent of your weekly income, the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development reported.

If someone other than your employer caused the workplace accident, you might have the right to pursue a third-party claim. Through these personal injury claims, you can finally recover all the money you deserve.

A third-party claim isn’t easy. Unlike a first-party worker’s compensation claim, you have to prove the other party is at fault for your injury. Fortunately, Console & Hollawell’s New Jersey personal injury lawyers have a history of success handling these cases – but don’t take our word for it.

Crushed Ankle at Work - NJ Workers Compensation Lawyer Testimonial - Console and Hollawell P.C.

  • Dog bites: Dog bites are more common than you may think. About 4,500,000 Americans sustain dog bites every year, the CDC These bites can be serious enough to send you to the hospital and cause debilitating and disfiguring wounds.

dog biteOur personal injury attorneys have handled high-value dog bite cases in the past, so you know we’ve got what it takes to make your case a success.

  • Assaults and Inadequate Security: Sometimes a personal injury comes from a crime. If someone hurts you in a public or commercial place where you reasonably expected some security, you might have a claim against the property owner. We call personal injury cases like these inadequate security claims, and they’re very fact-specific. But if you were the victim of a mugging at a NJ mall, a brutal attack outside a bar, or an assault at a Camden concert venue, this might be the only way to get compensation.
  • Medical malpractice: If a doctor’s mistake caused your injury, you could have a medical malpractice. These cases are complex, but a skilled personal injury attorney in NJ can get you the money you deserve.

Console & Hollawell has a history of getting six- and seven-figure settlements for the medical malpractice victims we represent. We don’t back down from taking a case all the way to trial.

  • Various accidents: Even if your accident doesn’t fit neatly into one of the categories above, you still have legal rights. We’ve gotten them hundreds of thousands of dollars for clients hurt in accidents that were as bizarre as they were devastating.

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Personal Injury FAQs

New Jersey slip and fall FAQs

What’s My Personal Injury Case Worth?

No other case is just like yours. To accurately tell you what your case is worth, a personal injury lawyer in New Jersey would need to know details about your case, including:

  • What caused the accident
  • What your injuries were?
  • How your injuries affected your life?
  • How much insurance coverage is available?

The value of your personal injury claim depends on all of these factors and more.

No attorney can reliably tell you what your case is worth without knowing the details of it. What we can tell you is that Console & Hollawell has recovered more than $30,000,000 in personal injury settlements and jury awards for clients in situations similar to yours. We’ll work hard to get you maximum compensation for your case.

New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers | Console & Hollawell

How Long Do I Have to Pursue My Case?

No matter what caused your accident, there’s a personal injury statute of limitations – basically, an important deadline – that affects your case. If you miss this deadline, you won’t be able to pursue any claim at all, no matter how badly you’re hurt. It may not be fair, but unfortunately, it’s how the legal process works.To prevent yourself from losing out on your legal rights, you need to act quickly. The general statute of limitations in New Jersey is two years from the date of your accident. But exceptions could reduce your time to as little as three months – and you might never find this out until it’s too late.

How Long Will My Case Take?

We’ve already talked about the claims process, but many accident victims want to know how long their case will take. After all, you’re dealing with this injury every day. You want the money you deserve as soon as possible so you can put this whole ordeal behind you. We get that. The personal injury timeline can vary from one case to another. How long your case will take depends on several factors – some of which, again, you won’t be able to control. It may take longer to get the money you deserve if:

  • Your medical treatment drags on for a long time.
  • Your case is especially complex.
  • The defending insurance company is especially uncooperative.

Until our injury lawyers in NJ know your situation, we can’t tell you how long your unique case will take. We’ve resolved some cases in a manner of a few months, but others have taken several years.What we can tell you is that we’re committed to getting you the most money in the shortest amount of time possible. It’s one of the factors that sets Console & Hollawell apart.

How Much Will a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost Me?

You’re not alone in worrying about how to afford a lawyer. Fortunately, you don’t have to “afford” anything. You won’t have to pay a single out-of-pocket fee to have our experienced personal injury lawyers in New Jersey handle every aspect of your claim.

Learn more about our No Fee Promise and how it makes the claims process risk-free.

Our New Jersey personal injury lawyers won’t cost you anything out of pocket, but they can get you a great deal more money than you’d get on your own.

Find out how much more money our attorneys can get for you.

Personal Injury Help

To make the most of your claim, you’ll need help from a lawyer – and not just any lawyer.

An Exclusive Focus on Personal Injury

When you have a serious medical condition, who would you rather see:

  • A specialist who practices that type of medicine all the time, or
  • A general doctor who only dabbles in it?

Your personal injury claim is just as serious. After all, missing out on the money you deserve could mean a financial disaster for your family.

Many attorneys take on personal injury claims as part of a general practice. They have to divide their time between several disciplines of law. This means sandwiching your case in between family law matters, estate planning, and even criminal defense. As competent as these attorneys may be, they don’t have the advantage of dedicating their professional lives to practicing personal injury law full-time.

At Console & Hollawell, we handle personal injury cases exclusively. We spend every day working on cases that share common challenges with yours and figuring out successful solutions to those challenges. We’ve helped thousands of victims hurt in accidents of all kinds. That means we have plenty of experience to draw from when handling your claim.

Familiar is an understatement – we know the field inside and out. We even have insider experience working for the other side, both within the insurance industry and as defense lawyers. This means we know the tactics they use to minimize payouts and – more importantly – how to stop them.

Get Your Free Personal Injury Case Evaluation

Now you know the basics of personal injury law and how important it is to have the right lawyer on your side from day one. You know you’ll never have to pay out-of-pocket for the consultation, investigation, or representation when you choose Console & Hollawell to handle your case.

So the only question is, what are you waiting for? Call (856) 778-5500 and let us evaluate your case at no cost today.

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