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Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers

In 2010 there were 121‚312 reportable motor vehicle crashes in the state of Pennsylvania. Of these crashes‚ 10‚965 of them occurred in Philadelphia County. Some of the nation’s biggest highways pass through the heart of Philadelphia and the traffic and heavy volume may be a contributing factor in the excessive amount of car accidents that occur each year.

If you have ever been in a car accident you know how traumatic it can be. Everything seems to happen so fast‚ and immediately following the accident you are thrust into a whole new world filled with anxiety and countless questions like‚ when will the pain stop? How can I afford the medical treatment that I need to get better? Who will pay for the damage to my car? How will I support my family if I cannot work? Should I sue the person that caused my accident? Do I even have a case? I’m already struggling to make ends meet‚ how will I afford a lawyer and how much will it cost me?

These are all important questions that you deserve to have answered thoroughly and honestly by a Philadelphia car accident attorney. We understand that life after a car accident can be extremely tough and stressful‚ you may feel lost or hopeless and that you will never get your life back. Let Console & Hollawell help you. We listen to your concerns and clearly answer your questions and explain everything you need to know in a way that is easy to understand. Having successfully handled more than 4‚000 cases‚ especially those involving car accidents‚ we have the experience‚ tenacity‚ and skill to get the best result for our clients.

Major Roads That Pass Through Philadelphia

As stated earlier‚ there are several large road systems that run through Philadelphia. These roads are heavily traveled and bring thousands through the city each year. They include:

  • The Pennsylvania Turnpike. This tolled freeway stretches across the entire state from east to west. It connects on either end with the New Jersey Turnpike and the Ohio Turnpike; it also runs through three major cities in Pennsylvania.
  • Interstate 76. This roadway also stretches across the state from New Jersey to Ohio.
  • Interstate 95. This highway is the most travelled roadway in the country. It is more than 1‚900 miles long and runs from the Canadian border down to Miami‚ Florida.
  • US Highway 1. Anyone who lives in Philly knows the traffic this road causes. The area where Rt. 1 interchanges I-76 is one of the busiest junctures in the Northeast. It is also the principal road heading into Northeast Philadelphia.
  • Interstate 476. This road connects the metropolitan area of Philly with the Lehigh Valley. Fun fact‚ this highway is the longest three digit interstate road in the country.

Injuries that stem from these accidents can be severe and long-lasting‚ and if your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence you may be entitled to compensation for things such as medical bills‚ property damage‚ lost wages‚ and emotional suffering. Contact our trustworthy Philadelphia car accident lawyers at Console & Hollawell today. Call (215) 225-2040 to set up your free‚ no-obligation consultation.

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