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Toms River Car Accident Lawyers

Toms River‚ New Jersey is the 8th most populous municipality in the state according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Located in Ocean County‚Toms River is renowned as one of the safest places to live. In 2006‚ 2007‚ and 2008 Toms River made prestigious safety lists compiled by Morgan Quinto Press and CQ Press in which it was ranked 14th safest and 9th safest town in the country respectively.

While it can be comforting knowing the town you live in is so highly regarded in terms of safety‚ these ranking systems usually do not take into account the amount of serious car accidents. Toms River is a gateway to many popular shore destinations including Seaside Heights‚ which has increased in popularity as the result of MTV’s Jersey Shore.
Accidents in Toms River

In 2011 there were nine fatal accidents in Toms River‚ and in the first four months of 2012 there were three. All but one of these fatal accidents occurred on one of the major roadways passing through Toms River. Fatal accidents in Toms River in 2011 and the first four months of 2012 accounted for 18 percent of all traffic deaths in Ocean County over that span.

There are numerous state and county highways in Toms River. Many of them lead into Route 37‚ which becomes riddled with traffic as a result‚ especially in the summer months as it is the direct route to popular shore destinations.

Major Roadways in Toms River

Several major state and county roads pass through Toms River‚ they include:

  • Garden State Parkway
  • Route 37
  • Route 70
  • U.S. Route 9
  • County Route 527 (Whitesville Rd)
  • County Route 530 (Dover Rd)
  • Route 35
  • Route 166
  • County Route 571 (Bay Ave. into Fischer Blvd.)
  • County Route 549 (Hooper Ave.)

Reports suggest that the most congested roads in the municipality are Route 37 and Hooper Avenue. This is largely due to the high number of businesses located on these two roads as well as the direct access to the Seaside Heights area.

The at-grade “cloverleaf” at the intersection of Hooper and Bay Avenues is one of the only exchanges of this kind in the state. This area is highly congested as it is located next to the Ocean County Mall. It is extremely confusing because you cannot make any turns at the intersection itself—instead it utilizes jug handles and off ramps.

Trusted Car Accident Attorneys in Toms River

A car accident can significantly impact your life. Aside from the injuries there can be financial hardships including mounting medical bills‚ repair costs‚ and other bills that you may not be able to pay if you are unable to work. When you are not sure where to turn‚ contact Console & Hollawell and speak with our knowledgeable car accident lawyers in Toms River. For the past 17 years‚ we have fought diligently for the rights of accident victims and are ready to fight for you. The consultation is free‚ call us at (856) 778-5500 today.

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