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LancasterOnce the capitol of Pennsylvania‚ Lancaster City is now the county seat of Lancaster County and the eighth-largest municipality in the state. With a thriving tourism industry and nearly 60‚000 residents‚ Lancaster experiences steady influxes of visitors each year. Along with this increased volume of people comes a greater chance that accidents resulting in injury can occur. Luckily‚ there are knowledgeable Lancaster personal injury attorneys to protect the rights of accident victims.

The Lancaster metropolitan area is home to more than 500‚000 people (photo credit: Randolph Carney, Wikimedia Commons).

Top Employers and Tourism in Lancaster

Each year‚ Lancaster provides a complete report of their fiscal spending and this includes a list of the top employers in the city. In 2009 the top employers in Lancaster were:

  1. Lancaster General Hospital – 7‚123 employees
  2. RR Donnelley – 2‚723 employees
  3. County of Lancaster – 2‚110 employees
  4. Armstrong World Industries – 1‚1654 employees
  5. School District of Lancaster – 1‚643 employees
  6. Dart Container – 1‚582
  7. Turkey Hill – 1‚400 employees

Tourism is an integral part of Lancaster‚ and is one of its most thriving industries. Thousands of people flock to Lancaster and the surrounding Pennsylvania Dutch Country each year to take in the history and culture. Aside from popular Amish farmland located just beyond the city‚ there is an array of attractions within Lancaster itself‚ including:

  • Park City Center shopping mall: the largest indoor shopping center in south-central Pennsylvania.
  • Central Market: the country’s largest‚ unceasingly-run farmers market.
  • Fulton Opera House: one of only three theatres that are National Historic Landmarks and is the oldest consistently operated theatre in the country.
  • Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church: a stop on the Underground Railroad.
  • The Chameleon Club: a popular music venue attracting national-touring artists.

If you were injured while on vacation‚ it can be confusing figuring out who is responsible. Speak with an experienced attorney near you to learn your specific options for legal action.

Work-Related Injuries


The Lancaster Amtrak station was the venue of a workplace accident in 2010 that left one worker with a debilitating knee injury (photo credit: NiagaraWikimedia Commons).

In April 2012‚ Scott Willey‚ an Amtrak employee‚ filed a lawsuit against his employer after he was injured at their Lancaster station‚ according to the Pennsylvania Record. The lawsuit alleges that while working in December 2010‚ he was injured due to “tight clearances‚ [and] poor and hazardous uneven unstable walking conditions.”

The Pennsylvania Record reported that at the time of the accident‚ there was construction being done to the Amtrak rail yard and the employees were not properly made aware of the hazards this would cause. He is seeking compensation for his medical bills‚ to make up for lost wages‚ and for the emotional suffering he has endured as a result.

Employers have a duty to provide their employees with a safe working environment under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act. Their failure to do so could make them liable for any ensuing injuries. Speak with a qualified attorney today to find out if your workplace injury is eligible for compensation.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Lancaster

Whether you live in Lancaster‚ work there‚ or were just passing through as a tourist‚ if you were injured there are accident lawyers in Lancaster that can help you get the compensation you deserve. The skilled attorneys at Console & Hollawell have been representing accident victims in Lancaster and throughout eastern Pennsylvania for more than 17 years. We will fight tirelessly for you‚ making sure that you receive the money that is owed to you‚ and if we don’t win‚ you won’t owe us a dime. There is nothing to lose — the call and consultation are free. Call us today at (215) 225-2040 and have your case evaluated by a member of our legal team.

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