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Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyerWith our 97 percent success rate, you can trust us to get your life back on track after a Pennsylvania slip and fall.

Nothing can reverse what’s happened, but you’re not as helpless as you might feel. You can take back control, fight for the money you need to get better, and ensure the person who hurt you faces the consequences. All you need to do is pursue a personal injury case – with our dedicated Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyers on your side.

You probably never realized how devastating a slip and fall injury could be – until it happened to your family.

Now you have to live with pain all day, every day – all because someone else was careless. That’s just not fair.

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A Slip and Fall Claim Can Help You Take Your Life Back

When you slipped and fell down – and got seriously hurt – you didn’t have a choice in what would happen to you or how your injuries would affect your life. You weren’t prepared for, and didn’t see, the safety hazard that made you fall. Ever since, your life has been out of control. You can’t do the things you used to do – things that you want, and need, to do.

It makes you feel like a victim. And you should never have to feel that way.

Choose to Stand Up for Your Rights

Believe it or not, right now you do have a choice. You could just accept the unfair consequences on your life and wait around hoping that your injuries will heal, or you can stand up for your rights and make sure you are getting the care you need to get better.

It’s not your fault that store employees left unmarked spills on the floor, or that a poorly maintained sidewalk or commercial parking lot developed deep cracks or potholes. And you shouldn’t be the one who has to pay for the property owner’s failures.

It’s just as important to hold people accountable for civil law-breaking as it is to hold them responsible for criminal activities, especially if someone suffered because of the negligence. Otherwise, that same negligence – and those same safety hazards – will continue putting unsuspecting individuals in danger.

Pursuing a personal injury claim when you have been hurt in a slip-and-fall means that you don’t have to be a victim anymore. You’re empowered – a survivor, someone who won’t back down or give up. You’re taking back control of your future and doing everything you can to make sure that your injuries don’t define you or destroy your family’s quality of life.

Are You “The Kind of Person Who Sues”?

There’s a dangerous misconception that keeps too many slip and fall victims from ever getting their lives back on track: that anyone who pursues a slip and fall personal injury claim is “sue-happy,” or that you don’t want to be “the kind of person who sues.”

But Pennsylvania state laws provide people in situations like yours the opportunity to pursue a slip and fall lawsuit – and that’s intentional. The legal system doesn’t just allow you to do this – it established the process purposely as the one form of recourse you have when something unfair happens. And property owners spend money every year specifically to purchase insurance meant to cover accidents like yours.

Nothing good comes out of opting not to use the rights guaranteed to you by law or the insurance coverage that’s already been paid for. The legal system doesn’t benefit from this. The property owner doesn’t benefit. And you certainly don’t. The only ones helped by your refusing to seek what you deserve are the insurers – whose sole job is, after all, to pay legitimate claims like yours.

In the decades our Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyers have practiced law, we’ve helped thousands of clients. So we know what “the kind of person who sues” really means:

  • Someone whose injuries are serious enough to dramatically affect their life – maybe forever.
  • Someone who isn’t about to stand by and let their family pay – financially and otherwise – for another person’s mistake.
  • Someone who wants to get better and is willing to work for it – not just idly sit by and hope things will get better on their own.
  • Someone who wants to hold the person who hurt them accountable – and prevent others from suffering the same fate.
  • Someone who won’t let what’s already a multibillion dollar industry take advantage of them.
  • Someone who isn’t content to remain a victim.

Our clients weren’t looking for an opportunity to sue. They didn’t want to have to pursue a personal injury claim of any kind, and they certainly didn’t want to get hurt. But when the accident happened, they realized that they couldn’t spend the rest of their life as a victim, letting debilitating injuries hold them back and unexpected financial losses threaten their family’s wellbeing.

Standing up for your rights doesn’t have to mean facing a massive corporation on your own. In fact, choosing an experienced Pennsylvania slip and fall attorney to handle your claim can help you get your life back on track in more ways than you can imagine.

What our Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Lawyers Will Do For You

At Console & Hollawell, our Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyers are all about helping you. Sure, representing you legally in your pursuit of compensation is our main goal. Getting you maximum money damages is a responsibility only your lawyer can accomplish, and it can make a huge difference in your physical and financial recovery from a slip and fall injury.

But we’ve learned over our decades of handling cases like yours that you have a lot on your plate when you’re recovering from a slip and fall. We’ve made it our priority to find ways to help our clients through this tough situation in whatever ways possible.

Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyer

  • We’ll investigate your slip and fall accident. Slip and fall claims are built on evidence, and gathering that evidence means thoroughly investigating the accident. From the moment you hire us, you’ll have dedicated members of our legal team digging into the facts of your case and finding the truth.Did the property owner have a history of lax maintenance practices? Were there earlier unaddressed reports of the same safety hazard that caused you to fall? Is there video footage that shows what happened? We’ll find out and use the evidence we collect to build up your case.

Some attorneys wait to work on your case, with no sense of urgency once you hire them. But we know that launching our investigation right away is essential if we want to get valuable evidence, like photos and video surveillance footage, before it disappears. Our Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyers make it our mission to begin preparing your case as if it’s going to trial from the very beginning.

  • We’ll handle every interaction with the defendant and its insurance company. If you’re like many of the clients we have helped, you may have already had some dealings with the property owner or the insurance company – and you might already be frustrated by these encounters.Unfortunately, massive corporations and insurance companies are often reluctant to step up and take responsibility for the harm you suffered. They’re particularly unwilling when the claimant is trying to handle the situation alone, because it’s easy to take advantage of someone who doesn’t know how the legal system works or how to negotiate a claim. You probably heard old standby lines about how the property owner investigated and found no evidence of liability or that the accident was your fault for not watching your step.You’re right to feel frustrated by this kind of treatment. You expected the premises to be reasonably safe – as does Pennsylvania state law – and the property owner failed you. The insurance company would prefer you to get frustrated, decide your claim isn’t worth the hassle, and give up. But if you do that, you’ll never get the money you need to get better or make up for the income you lost while you were hurt.Partly to make your life easier and partly to protect your slip and fall claim, our PA slip and fall lawyers step in and take over these interactions. That means no more forms to fill out, no more tedious phone calls with an insurance adjuster who is determined to deny you compensation – nothing. Your only job now is to work toward recovery.
  • We’ll help as needed with your medical care. Of course, it’s your doctor you should turn to whenever you have questions or concerns about your medical treatment. But we know that many slip and fall victims aren’t sure how to begin the process of getting medical treatment. What kind of doctor do you need for injuries like yours? What if you’re having a hard time getting an appointment? And who’s going to pay for your treatment?

We’re used to these questions, and our experience has taught us the answers. We can help you search for the right kinds of specialists with experience handling slip and fall injuries to treat you. We can even help you schedule appointments. If necessary, we’ll arrange transportation services. We can even get you a translator to make sure language barriers don’t stand in the way of getting the best possible medical treatment for your injuries.

Even though the property owner is at fault, don’t expect the insurance company to pay for your medical treatment right now. You will most likely be hook for paying the medical bills – which can be very costly, especially if you don’t have health insurance.

If you have a problem affording your medical care, let us know about it. There are things we can do, like requesting that your doctors wait until your case resolves to seek payment from you. We want to make sure nothing prevents you from getting the medical treatment you need to make the most complete recovery possible.

The Kinds of Slip and Fall Cases We Handle

Perhaps the most common question slip and fall victims ask us is, “Do I have a claim?”

To know for sure if you have a claim, you’ll need to discuss the details privately with an experienced slip and fall attorney. These claims are complex, and every detail matters. Your case is unique, and only by considering the unique circumstances involved can even the most practiced lawyer determine whether you have a claim that’s likely to be successful and what that claim might be worth.

What we can do is give you an idea of some of the claims our Pennsylvania slip and fall attorneys typically handle, including some of the high-value results we’ve gotten for our clients over the years.

  • A phlebotomist suffered a slip and fall on the job that kept her out of work – forever. After she fell on black ice in the lab’s parking lot, the numerous injuries to her spine, knee, and hip left her permanently disabled. We recovered $475,000 in money damages for her.
  • A shopper at a Target retail store slipped on a clear puddle of bleach spilled near the entryway. The back injuries she suffered in the fall were so severe that she had to undergo two surgeries, and still needed to use a walker for assistance. We got her a $400,000.
  • A retired gentleman fell in the icy parking lot of a Philadelphia condo and fractured his right arm seriously enough to require surgery. We got him $160,000 in compensation.

Our Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyers have handled the cases of slip and falls that took place on properties of all kinds:

  • Grocery stores
  • Casinos and clubs
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Apartment complexes
  • Private residences

We’ve helped clients whose injuries included broken bones, bulging and herniated spinal discs, head trauma, knee injuries, irreversible hand injuries, nerve damage, and other serious, long-term impairments. For some, the disability caused by the injury was temporary, though still significant. Others were never able to make a complete recovery – even one complete enough to return to their old job or their old hobbies.

If you have a viable slip and fall lawsuit, the odds are good that we can help you get what you deserve. After all, we earned our 97 percent success rate getting maximum compensation for clients in situations like yours.

We’re Up to the Challenge of a Slip and Fall Case

Slip and fall claims are complex, and they’re not easy to win. You need a lawyer who is up to the challenge and knows how to handle these difficult cases.

At Console & Hollawell, we handle personal injury claims exclusively. Focusing on cases like yours has allowed us to learn the ins and outs of personal injury law and what’s necessary to make your case a success.

We know what evidence is important for building your case and how to go about obtaining it. We’re familiar with the strategies property owners and insurance companies use to decrease your compensation, and we’re willing to fight to get you all of the money you deserve. Insurance companies know this, too – they’ve seen us in action representing other clients over our two decades of legal practice, so they know we won’t back down.

Doesn’t your case deserve the experience and dedication that have earned Console & Hollawell an award-winning reputation throughout Pennsylvania and beyond?

Don’t Let Anything Stand in the Way of Your Slip and Fall Claim

When you want to get your life back on track after a slip and fall accident – to stop being a victim – pursuing a personal injury claim is your only option for getting the compensation you’re entitled to. And our slip and fall lawyers are determined that nothing should stand in your way.

That’s why we go the extra mile to make your life as easy as possible, so you can focus on getting better without distractions. And it’s why we’ll make you our No Fee Promise.

When you put your case in our hands, you’ll never have to worry about paying a single upfront or out-of-pocket fee to pursue your claim. We cover all costs, from legal filing fees to the expense of expert witnesses – and if we’re not able to get you compensation, you never have to pay us back.

Our No Fee Promise removes any financial risk of pursuing your slip and fall claim. Our commitment to be there for you every step of the way means you’ll never have to feel that your legal case is turning into a hassle. So there’s no reason you shouldn’t pursue a claim – and countless reasons you should.

At Console & Hollawell, we’ve helped clients throughout Pennsylvania, from the big cities like Philadelphia to the rural towns of Lancaster County, get full compensation and the medical care they need to get better. With office locations in Philadelphia and Allentown, plus help available over the phone or online, we make it easy to get in touch with a dedicated Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyer.

We’ll put your family first and answer every question you have, because it’s your claim and we work for you. For your free, no-risk consultation, call (215) 225-2040 today.

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