No Fee Promise

Award-winning representation with no upfront fees – because your claim deserves nothing less.

If you’ve recently been injured in an accident you’re probably faced with unexpected and immediate financial burdens related to medical bills‚ lost pay‚ and property damage. The last thing you feel comfortable doing is increasing your financial strain by adding the cost of legal services.

At Console & Hollawell‚ our New Jersey and Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys want to ensure that you get the outstanding legal representation you deserve‚ without adding to your current financial burden.

We do this by offering our “No Fee Promise.”

Get the legal representation you need‚ regardless of your financial situation. Call our skilled personal injury lawyers today at (856) 778-5500 and take advantage of our No Fee Promise!

What Does the No Fee Promise Mean?

For the past 20 years‚ our clients have been taking advantage of our No Fee Promise to get the compensation they deserve as well as to ensure that those who have harmed them are held accountable. We’ve recovered tens of millions of dollars in compensation for over 5‚000 satisfied clients.

We guarantee all clients:
 personal injury law firm no fee promise

  • FREE‚ confidential‚ and comprehensive consultations. Our attorneys will advise you of the legal process‚ go over the details of your case‚ help you set realistic expectations‚ and answer any questions you may have.
  • You don’t owe us a dime unless we successfully recover money for you. If we don’t win‚ you don’t pay. At Console & Hollawell‚ we strongly believe that we should be rewarded only when we’ve obtained compensation for our client. Our compensation is tied to our performance‚ so you know we’re working hard to get you the money you deserve.
  • We also ensure that all costs associated with your case are covered—keeping your money in your pocket. We have the resources needed to ensure that the ability to win your case isn’t limited by your finances.
  • Talk to our legal team as often as you need, at no cost. You’ll never get a bill for a phone call, email exchange or even an in-person meeting with our attorneys or paralegals. Communication is key to keeping you up-to-date on your case, and we’re happy to talk to you whenever you have questions or need help.
  • No hourly fees, either up front or at the end of your case. We’ll spend as much time on your claim as it needs, and we’ll never bill you an exorbitant hourly rate for the work. Instead, we work on what’s called a contingency fee basis. The only attorneys’ fee you will pay is an agreed-upon percentage of what we’re able to recover for you.
  • Help with property damage claims, if you have one. If the accident left your car damaged or totaled, for example, we’ll handle this separate claim for you at no cost.
  • Assistance negotiating down outstanding medical bills. If you have unpaid medical bills at the resolution of your claim, we’ll put our excellent negotiating skills to work on your behalf and try to arrange a lower payment with your doctors – and that means more money in your pocket. We’ve saved clients thousands of dollars this way.
  • No fine print. No exceptions. Our No Fee Promise means just that – no upfront fees. The entire time we pursue your case for you, we’ll never ask you for money.

Why You Want a Lawyer Who Works on Contingency

One of the most important parts of Console & Hollawell’s No Fee Promise is the guarantee that you will never have to pay to pursue your claim unless our attorneys win money for you. In the legal industry, we refer to representation of this kind as working on contingency.

Having an attorney who works on a contingency basis offers some significant benefits to accident victims.

No Risk to You

The biggest advantage of choosing a lawyer who will work on contingency to handle your case is that you don’t have anything to lose.

The consultation is free, so even if it turns out that you don’t have a case, you don’t owe anything.

Once we determine that you do have a case, we cover the upfront costs needed to pursue it. That includes expenses like:

  • Court and filing fees.
  • Cost of attaining your medical records.
  • The price for the services of experts in medicine, accident reconstruction, and other fields.
  • Postage and other administrative costs.

If we’re unable to get you compensation, you’ll never have to pay us back for these expenses.

 personal injury law firm no fee promise

But with our 97 percent success rate, what’s more likely is that we’ll be able to recover the money you deserve – even if we have to fight for it.

When that happens, we’ll show you in writing exactly what costs you’re responsible for, and we’ll take it directly out of the settlement or jury award you’re receiving. This way, you’re never burdened or inconvenienced with having to come up with the money on your own.

Your Lawyer Wants the Same Outcome You Do

There’s another reason so many of the accident victims we have helped over the years have appreciated the contingency fee arrangement: they like the extra assurance that their lawyers want the same thing they want.

When an attorney works on contingency, he or she only gets paid a percentage of the compensation the firm gets for the client. The more money our lawyers recover for you, the more we earn. It sounds simple, but this fact can be powerful, especially if you’re nervous about who to trust with your personal injury claim.

It’s Us Against Them

Of course, your lawyer shouldn’t need an extra financial incentive be on your side – that’s what we do, and the whole purpose of hiring an attorney in the first place.

But it can be nerve-wracking for an accident victim to realize that almost no one else in the situation has goals that align with yours. Think about it:

  • Car mechanics make more money when there’s more damage to fix, which obviously isn’t what you want when it’s your car and you need it back right away.
  • Even medical providers get paid more if you need more care – even though you want to make the quickest recovery possible.
  • The insurance companies involved in the claim – even your own – want to minimize payouts. That puts their goals directly opposite of yours.

 personal injury law firm no fee promise

When the various insurance companies get involved – and start hassling you about giving statements, authorizing them to see your medical records, and accepting settlements you know are less than you deserve – it can start to feel like you’re on your own.

But your lawyer is the one person in the whole process who really does want what you want.

  • We want to get you maximum compensation (and we benefit, too, if we succeed).
  • If possible, we want to get you that money sooner rather than later (after all, we don’t get paid until you do).

So don’t think of it as you versus them – it’s us versus them. And don’t worry – we’ve got what it takes to win.

What Makes It So Important to Have a Lawyer?

So many accident victims are afraid that they can’t afford to hire a lawyer. At our firm, though, we know that what the people we help really can’t afford is to try to handle their claims on their own.

The legal industry isn’t the place for do-it-yourself projects. For all but the smallest claims, you could end up leaving money on the table – thousands upon thousands of dollars – if you don’t have a professional on your side.

Lawyers Get How Much More?!

How much more money do you think lawyers, with all their experience and legal knowledge, get for their clients compared to claimants who handle their own cases?

One-and-a-half times more? Twice as much?

Studies have shown that insurance companies pay 3.5 times more money to accident victims who have hired lawyers than to victims who try to get a settlement on their own. That’s far more than enough to make up for the cost of attorneys’ fees, and it saves you a lot of time and stress.

 personal injury law firm no fee promise

If there’s an easy way to more than triple the amount of money you could get for your claim, why wouldn’t you?

What Else Can a Lawyer Do for You?

The value of having the right lawyer on your side goes beyond numbers.

So many of our clients come to us feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of the legal process and the demands on their time because of the accident. This whole thing isn’t your fault, but suddenly you have a to-do list a mile long: fill out this form, make that call, schedule this appointment, pick up a rental car.

It gets even more frustrating when you begin getting medical bills in the mail and messages from insurance adjusters on a regular basis. You didn’t ask for this. All you want to do is get better, but you’re stuck spending your time and energy worrying about these problems when you should be focusing on recovery.

Our personal injury lawyers do more than fight for compensation. We handle every aspect of your claim so you don’t have to deal with these distractions anymore.

Here are some of the ways we make your life easier:

  • Send us your medical bills. We’ll keep them organized and make sure the right insurer is paying the right amount – which can be more complicated than it sounds. Trust us, you don’t want to have to spend your time on hold with health insurance companies, tracking down the information for disputed claims, and writing letters to appeal inaccurate coverage decisions.
  • Direct all insurance company interactions to us. Once you become our client, those phone calls aren’t your problem anymore. Neither are the constant requests for more information, authorizations, and recorded statements. We’ll deal with the insurance adjuster for you.
  • Let us handle your property damage claim for you. We’re used to dealing with insurance companies – in fact, our attorneys have worked in the insurance industry themselves, so we know the tricks these companies use to reduce payouts. Besides, we’ve spent 20+ years developing our negotiation skills while practicing personal injury law. We’ll get your property damage claim sorted out so you can get your car fixed or replaced sooner.

 personal injury law firm no fee promise

  • If you need help finding a doctor to treat your injuries, let us know. It can take time to research new physicians and set up appointments, but we’ll do as much of the legwork as possible to help you get in to see a doctor right away.
  • You’ll never have to worry about what’s next for your claim. We develop a customized legal strategy for your case from day one, and we have the resources and the network of industry experts necessary to put that plan into motion. As always, you won’t have to pay a single fee for expert witness services or in-depth investigations during the course of your claim.

What Does Our No Fee Promise Save You?

If you’re still wondering if you should take advantage of the No Fee Promise and choose Console & Hollawell to handle your claim, consider this:

  • Court filing fees and litigation costs alone can add up to thousands of dollars.
  • Just to get copies of your medical records could cost hundreds of dollars.
  • You’ll need expert opinions to support your claim, but experts regularly charge thousands of dollars for their services – and your case could require several of them!
  • Investigators aren’t cheap, either – they can bill hundreds of dollars for a single task.
  • Don’t forget about miscellaneous charges like copying fees and postage. These expenses can really add up when you’re sending correspondence back and forth to multiple insurers. If you had to pay these costs upfront, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars on mailing fees before you ever see a dollar of compensation.

 personal injury law firm no fee promise

The costs of pursuing a claim can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars – or more, in especially complex cases. When we make you our No Fee Promise, you’ll never have to worry about coming up with this money on your own.

The No Fee Promise Isn’t the Only Reason You Want C&H on Your Side

Of course, the No Fee Promise isn’t the only reason to choose Console & Hollawell’s personal injury lawyers for your case.

We’re also known for our decades of experience, our exclusive focus on personal injury law, our 5,000+ satisfied clients, and of course, our outstanding record of achieving success in 97 percent of claims.

But the decision of who will handle your case isn’t about us. It’s about you, and what an attorney will do to make your life easier.

With us, your finances will never stand in the way of getting justice – and that’s something you can’t put a price on.

What Makes Console & Hollawell’s No Fee Promise Unique?

Thousands of members of our client family have gotten the legal help they needed with our No Fee Promise. And while we’re not the only personal injury attorneys to handle cases on contingency, we’ve built on the practice to establish our all-encompassing No Fee Promise, complete with fee-free benefits like:

  • No-obligation consultations.
  • Assistance with property damage claims and negotiating down medical costs.
  • Complete coverage of the costs of pursuing your claim.
  • Prompt legal help through phone calls, emails, and in-person meetings whenever you need it.

How many other law firms can say that?

We Do More – a Lot More!

This focus on helping accident victims doesn’t end with our No Fee Promise. We’re here to make a difficult time a lot easier in any way possible.

 personal injury law firm no fee promise

  • Need a translator? You won’t be the first. To overcome language barriers and help clients who don’t speak English fluently, we’ve hired translators to assist with legal discussions and even doctor’s appointments. Just ask!
  • We’ve even helped clients schedule their medical appointments and arrange the transportation needed to get there, when necessary.
  • Can’t afford your insurance copays? Let us know. Often, personal injury lawyers can work out an arrangement with their clients’ doctors so you can get treated now and pay later, after your case resolves.

Why We Make Every Client Our No Fee Promise

The No Fee Promise embraces a core belief that the Console & Hollawell team shares: that nothing should stand in the way of a victim getting what’s right. From the moment you call our office to the day your case resolves, we’ll go the extra mile to make your life easier. With our firm, you don’t just get award-winning legal skills – you also get personalized attention and help any time you need it.

Yes, you can afford a lawyer – a team of them, in fact, with decades of experience and a 97 percent success rate. And it won’t strain your budget one bit. Call (856) 778-5500 today to start your free consultation!

Warning: There are deadlines that affect every kind of personal injury claim, and missing those deadlines could prevent you from ever getting the money you deserve. Get a lawyer involved in your claim as soon as possible – because every delay puts your rights at risk!

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