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Posted On March 1, 2012 Current Events and News,Personal Injury,Personal Injury Lawyer

10 Celebrities Arrested for DUI

We as a culture are obsessed with reading about the mistakes celebrities have made. Even though often times these celebrities are committing crimes that are committed by millions in this country, we tend to pay more attention when someone famous is involved. Drunk driving is a serious problem in this country and the same goes for celebrities.

Over the years there have been countless celebrities that have risked their own lives and the lives of others by getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Here are 10 of the most notorious celebrity DUI arrests—complete with mugshots.

1. Paris Hilton

The heiress was pulled over on September 8, 2006 for driving erratically. She was found to be intoxicated and was charged with a DUI for which she was sentenced to three years’ probation, was required to attend an alcohol abuse program, had her license suspended, and was ordered to pay fines. She decided to ignore the license suspension and was sentenced to 45 days in jail—she only served 23.

2. Lindsay Lohan

Our favorite hot mess Lindsay Lohan was charged with a DUI in May 2007 after she jumped a curb. She attended rehab, but received another DUI in July of the same year this time her BAC was between .12 and .13.

3. Haley Joel Osment

We best remember him as that creepy kid in the Sixth Sense, but he is no longer a little boy, naïve but not little. In 2006 when he was 18-years-old Haley ran over a mailbox and flipped his car. Police found that his BAC was .05, which is not over the legal limit but is still very much illegal for an underage person. The police also found that he was in possession of marijuana. He made a plea agreement and was sentenced to three years’ probation, fines, six months of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and 60 hours of rehab.

4. Mel Gibson

This one was pretty epic. On July 28, 2006 Mel was pulled over for speeding and found to be under the influence. To make matters worse, in his drunken frenzy he began spewing anti-Semitic remarks. He was subsequently sentenced to three years’ probation, 90 days in an alcohol abuse program, fines, 90-day license restriction, and had to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for a year. He also took it upon himself to enter rehab and star in a public-service announcement about the dangers of drunk driving.

5. Michelle Rodriguez

As you can see from her picture, she was definitely feeling it. The Fast Five actress was arrested in December 2005 in Hawaii. She was sent to prison for five days and paid a $500 fine. Guess all of that dangerous driving in the movies made her feel invinsible.

6. Mike Tyson

He didn’t bite anyone this time—he just drove drunk. The boxer was arrested in December 2006 after he almost crashed into a sheriff’s car.

7. Tim Allen

Buzz was certainly an appropriate name for a character Tim Allen did the voice for because he was exactly that, buzzed. In 1997 he was arrested for a DUI after pulled over for speeding. He was put on probation and had to attend counseling. He is no stranger to the big house, earlier in his life he did 2 years of hard time for cocaine trafficking.

8. Nick Carter

The blonde Backstreet Boy was arrested for a DUI in March 2005—tell me whyyyy. He walked away with barely a slap on the wrist having to attend AA meetings and attend several reform classes.

9. Nicole Richie

Yet another socialite that got busted in 2006. It was reported that the star was driving the wrong direction on the 134 Freeway. Although in this case it was not alcohol that she was influenced by but rather marijuana and Vicodin. She had to serve four days in jail, three years’ probation, fines, and had to take an alcohol education course.

10. Anna Nicole Smith

Before all of the drama surrounding her death, Anna Nicole was just another drunk driver terrorizing a Texas road. She was arrested in 1989 for DUI.

Drunk driving is nothing to joke about, it is a serious crime. If you or someone you love was injured as the result of a drunk driver contact the lawyers at Console & Associates P.C. today.