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Posted On May 13, 2011 Firm News,Personal Injury Lawyer

5 False Personal Injury Lawyer Stereotypes

If you’ve ever been represented by a personal injury law firm, chances are you’ve heard many lawyer jokes or snide comments. Stereotypes about lawyers are numerous and persistent, even though there’s often no cause. In many cases, these stereotypes are based on the actions of a few lawyers who ruin the reputation of the profession as a whole.
Here are five false stereotypes personal injury lawyers face:

  1. All NJ personal injury attorneys are “ambulance chasers.” An ambulance chaser is a lawyer who seeks out and even welcomes car crashes as a chance to make some money. In reality, a New Jersey personal injury lawyer helps people who come to them after an accident in order to recoup any costs related with their accident.
  2. Personal injury lawyers are shady and underhanded. This stereotype has persisted for many years – most likely because many court cases for car accidents revolve around the concept of “fault.” The person who is found to be at fault may believe that the other person’s attorney used shady tricks in order to win. The reality is that PA personal injury attorneys seek to help their clients, no matter which side they’re representing.
  3. Lawyers are rich and are just in it for the money. While it’s true that some lawyers do make large salaries, most lawyers work more than 40 hours a week. All NJ personal injury attorneys are highly educated, with at least one advanced degree.
  4. Personal injury lawyers will lie to win their case. This is one stereotype that is blatantly false. Lawyers don’t lie – they use evidence and their knowledge of the law to help their client to the best of their ability.
  5. New Jersey lawyers prey on people during challenging times in their life. In reality, clients typically find a personal injury law firm to suit their needs. This stereotype likely continues because people associate lawyers with bad times in their life. However, lawyers are typically compassionate people who want to help their clients during a challenging time following an accident.

NJ personal injury attorneys face many stereotypes every day. However, most of the “facts” people know about lawyers are untrue – it’s just a case of a few bad apples spoiling the bunch.