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Philadelphia PA | September 5, 2019

History of Philadelphia, PA

The largest city in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is one of the most iconic centers during the American Revolution. Established by William Penn, primarily as a seat of religion, the spirit of Philadelphia and its inhabitants marked the earliest steps towards American Independence.

Before William Penn started operating Philadelphia as a city, the entire area was occupied by Swedish and Lenape settlers who started inhabiting the region since the

Marlton NJ | September 5, 2019

Famous people from Marlton NJ

Marlton is located within Evesham Township in New Jersey. The little township has a population of 10,000 residents and is located within Burlington County. The township was founded by farmers from Wales and England in 1676. The entire area was originally known as Evesham. However, at the beginning of the 19th Century, the term Marlton appeared for the first time. Marlton is actually derived from Marl Clay,

NJ Area | September 5, 2019

Annual Events in Cherry Hill NJ

Created in the northern area of the state, Cherry Hill is located just eight miles from Philadelphia. Today, this historic city has substantially developed from its early days. Cherry Hill has some fascinating places to visit, such as the Garden State Discovery Museum, the Wine Room and the Barclay Farmstead. It has been termed one of the best locations to live and is in the top 10

NJ Area | September 5, 2019

Things to do in Cherry Hill NJ

A Guide on how to Choose an Attorney in New Jersey

New Jersey comprises of 21 counties. Some people have a hard time when choosing an attorney in the state. However, most professional legal bodies have attorney referral services. Over the years, New Jersey has continued to divide the courts into courts of law and equity. The judicial system has been was originally used in old England.