Life-Altering Auto Accident Injuries: Monroe Township, NJ

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When a careless driver struck a car carrying a mother and her three-year-old son, so did tragedy. Our clients were traveling straight through the Monroe Township intersection of Route 322 – the Black Horse Pike – and Malaga Road when another driver deliberately sped up to “beat the light.” This motorist turned left without having the right of way, directly into the path of our clients. The resulting crash changed everything.

First responders arrived at the scene to find the wreckage of the victim’s vehicle. It took them 20 minutes to extract the driver, who was alert but had suffered numerous fractures, bruising in her chest, and other severe injuries. The three-year-old, still strapped into his car seat, was unresponsive.

Helicopters flew both mother and son to Cooper University Medical Center, a Level 1 Trauma facility, where doctors rushed the mother into surgery. She spent nearly a month in the hospital, followed by weeks of inpatient rehabilitative care, before she could go home, still wheelchair bound. She faced the daunting task of having to relearn how to walk and the possibility of needing future surgeries. Her son had suffered a spinal cord injury in the cervical region of his spine – an injury serious enough to leave him paralyzed, a quadriplegic. Doctors predicted that this young, once happy-go-lucky child who had his whole life ahead of him could now have to spend the rest of that life in a wheelchair.

The actions of a single careless driver trying to save a couple minutes of time have forever changed the lives of both of our clients. This family suffered unimaginable heartbreak. The mother’s injuries are serious and the consequences perhaps permanent. Her inability to work, too, has harmed her family’s finances. Her son will likely need a lifetime of expensive and exhausting round-the-clock care and may never enjoy the quality of life he once had. It was clear to us that this family needed every dollar of compensation available to them. We fought to get both of our clients the policy limit – the full amount of insurance coverage in the case – of $100,000 each. Even in the realm of personal injury, where innocent people suffer every day at the hands of a negligent person, few stories are as tragic as a three-year-old confined to a wheelchair, maybe for the rest of his life. We were honored to help the family get the maximum amount of money for all that they have lost – they certainly deserved it.