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Handling Your Own Claim

Handling Your Own Claim | November 26, 2013

How to Get Started Contacting the Other Insurance Companies

Contacting your own insurance company is the first step toward setting up your medical claim, and potentially a property damage claim. However, to make a claim for damages such as pain and suffering, you have to go through the at-fault party’s insurance company. Whether your accident involved a motor vehicle or a hazardous commercial or private property, the process is the same. You should formally notify, in

Handling Your Own Claim | November 21, 2013

Setting up Your Medical Claim

Now that you understand the basics of how to interact with your and the other party’s insurance companies, including what tricks to watch out for, you have all the knowledge you need to begin the claims process. It starts with opening your medical claim through your own insurance company.

What No-Fault Laws Mean for Your Medical Coverage

Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey have no-fault automobile accident laws.

Handling Your Own Claim | November 14, 2013

Initial Contact with the Insurance Companies: The Basics

If you’re dreading the flood of phone calls and letters from insurance companies after your accident, you’re not alone. Dealing with insurance companies, even at this early stage, can be frustrating. If more than one company is involved – your own and another driver’s, or multiple companies representing multiple at-fault parties – you may not know who to contact first, or what information you are required to

Handling Your Own Claim | October 24, 2013

When Don’t You Need a Lawyer?

Here’s a little-known secret: much of the work that lawyers do in the early stages of a claim is work that you can do yourself. When you put your time and effort into it, you can create a demand for compensation that is as good as ours. No two personal injury cases are identical. They happen in different ways, create different injuries, and impact individuals’ lives differently.