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Marlton NJ

Marlton NJ | September 6, 2019

History of Marlton NJ

Marlton New Jersey is an incorporated community located within Evesham Township in Burlington County, New Jersey in the United States. It was founded by an English farmer and Welsh in the year 1676 when they were searching for farmland to settle. In the seventeenth century, welsh and an English Quakers sailed Philadelphia and went across river Delaware in searching for farmland. The township acquired its name from

Marlton NJ | September 5, 2019

Annual Events In Marlton NJ

Located in New Jersey, Marlton is a CDP or census-designated place situated within Evesham Township. It is located in Burlington County, New Jersey. It is small little place and as of 2010 census, its population was around 10,130. It has a rich history and was founded in 1676 by English and Welsh farmers. The name Marlton came into being perhaps around the 19th century. It was named

Marlton NJ | September 5, 2019

Famous people from Marlton NJ

Marlton is located within Evesham Township in New Jersey. The little township has a population of 10,000 residents and is located within Burlington County. The township was founded by farmers from Wales and England in 1676. The entire area was originally known as Evesham. However, at the beginning of the 19th Century, the term Marlton appeared for the first time. Marlton is actually derived from Marl Clay,

Marlton NJ | September 5, 2019

Things To Do in Marlton NJ

Marlton NJ can be the best place for the people of all age groups. You will have everything for a dream vacation. Your kids will explore a lot of new, innovative, and fun things to satisfy their curious mind. You can find adventure and fun in most of the places. You just need to open your eyes and embrace them wholeheartedly to create lifetime memories. Here are