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Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Firm News, Medical Malpractice Lawyer | June 6, 2018

Bad Bedside Manner or Medical Malpractice?

When does bad bedside manner cross the line into actual medical malpractice? Some doctors are everything you could ask for in a physician – reassuring, personable, and caring. Whether you’re in for a routine appointment or battling a potentially life-threatening condition, these doctors leave you feeling like you’re in good hands.

Other doctors, not so much. But there’s a wide spectrum when it comes to bad bedside

Medical Malpractice Lawyer | May 22, 2017

Falsely Diagnosed With Cancer – Can I Sue?

If you underwent unnecessary cancer treatments, you could have a multimillion-dollar case.

Most cancer misdiagnosis lawsuits involve the failure to diagnose cancer. The patient has cancer, but the doctor misses the signs or attributes them to some other condition.

But a shocking number of Americans have the opposite experience – and it causes them a great deal of suffering.

Falsely Diagnosed With Cancer – How It Occurred

Firm News, Medical Malpractice Lawyer | May 18, 2017

You Won’t Believe How Often Doctors Misdiagnose These 5 Cancers

The most misdiagnosed cancers in America are also some of the most deadly when detected late.

Late-stage cancer patient in hospital

When it comes to treating almost any kind of cancer, early detection is crucial. The sooner you start getting treatment, the better your prognosis will be. Yet docto

rs frequently miss or misdiagnose certain kinds of cancer. Unfortunately, these are precisely the cancers in which a delay in treatment is

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Medical Malpractice, Medical Malpractice Lawyer | August 12, 2016

What Are Cerebrovascular Accidents?

What you need to know about cerebral accidents and failure to diagnose stroke cases

If a doctor said that you or a loved one experienced a cerebrovascular accident, you might be confused.

It’s very possible that you weren’t in an accident – the kind you usually think of, anyway – at all. No car crash, no workplace injury, no fall. Just sudden and worrying symptoms that