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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Firm News, Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | May 5, 2015

6 Tips You Must Follow to Stay Safe on a Motorcycle

When you’re on your bike, enjoying the freedom of riding out in the open, you’re also completely unprotected in case of a crash. What might be a minor, injury-free fender-bender between two cars can cause serious damage when one of the vehicles involved is a motorcycle. Whether your body collides with the other vehicle or the ground, the impact can be devastating.

It’s Motorcycle Safety Month,

Firm News, Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | May 4, 2015

5 Things Drivers Must Do to Keep Motorcyclists Safe

With the weather finally turning warm after what was a brutally cold winter and a largely chilly spring, motorcycle season is in full swing. Dozens of motorcycles appeared on highways, back roads, and city streets this past weekend. Even more motorcyclists will be out and about as summer nears.

While we’re sure to see more motorcycles on the road in the coming weeks, the question of how