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Pedestrian Injury

Case Studies, Pedestrian Injury | July 23, 2019

Skull & Clavicle Fracture – $250,000

A pedestrian is completely vulnerable in an auto accident. There are no airbags for the human body‚ no side panels or crumple zones to disperse the ferocious force of a 1‚000-lb machine as it collides with bone and muscle. The injuries a pedestrian suffers in a collision with an automobile can be severe‚ even life-threatening. Our client‚ struck by a speeding car while crossing the street‚ experienced

Case Studies, Pedestrian Injury | July 23, 2019

Passenger Injury Results – Console & Associates P.C. – Camden, NJ – $215,000

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle traveling to his Camden, New Jersey, home when the unthinkable happened. His friend, the driver, had stopped at a red traffic light at North 3rd Street and Market Street when a nearby tractor-trailer truck made a wide left-hand turn and struck the vehicle. The force of the impact dragged the vehicle our client was riding in off of the