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Personal Injury

Personal Injury, Philadelphia PA | February 9, 2018

Personal Injuries At The Eagle’s Parade


injured person waving to crowd of Eagles fansIf you got injured during the Eagles Parade, call us. We were there with you. We know that businesses and the city didn’t take every step they could have to keep you safe. We’ll review your claim and let you know if we can get the party responsible for your injury to pay for it.

Go Birds

Eagles World Champions at the parade  Last year, the Eagles took home the Vince

Personal Injury | August 31, 2016

How Are Accidents and Injuries Prevented?

In our 25+ years of practicing personal injury law, we’ve seen a lot of accidents that didn’t have to happen – and ways they could’ve been prevented.

People sometimes use the word accident to mean an unavoidable mishap. Something no one could have foreseen or prevented.

But the truth is that many – if not most – accidents are avoidable. They didn’t have to happen. There

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Personal Injury | March 9, 2016

What Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

How much will you get for your case? There’s only one way to find out.

It’s one of the most common questions personal injury lawyers hear: how much is my case worth?

Unfortunately, this question is also one of the most difficult to answer. That’s because there’s no simple formula to decide, no automatic value that even the most experienced attorney can apply to your circumstances.


Accident Tips & Prevention, Current Events and News, Insurance Attorney, Personal Injury, Slip and Falls | January 7, 2016

Use Elevators, Handrails, and Tunnels to Avoid Winter Slip and Falls

On any snowy day, think about your walking route. Can you take an elevator instead of potentially slippery steps? At any point on your path, do you have the option of using a tunnel instead of walking out in the open? If so, do – during winter storms, minimizing the risk of a slip and fall on ice the most important thing you can do.

When walking