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Personal Injury

Accident Tips & Prevention, Insurance Attorney, Personal Injury | March 4, 2014

Infiltrating the Legal System

There’s a good chance you’ve heard phrases like “lawsuit lottery,” “jackpot justice,” and “sue-happy.” These catchphrases are designed to give the public a false impression – that the majority of personal injury claims are made by greedy fakers who get rich by suing companies that did nothing wrong.

But what if I told you it’s not the claimants, but the insurance companies, who are metaphorically hitting the

Accident Tips & Prevention, Personal Injury | February 27, 2014

Real Heroes Wear Badges, Not Capes: Andy Lovell

EMS Chief Andy Lovell proves that a hero’s courage extends beyond running into burning buildings or onto the grisly scene of an accident. Sometimes heroes have to put that same commitment and dedication to use in leading teams of first responders and coordinating life-saving efforts all around.

The Gloucester County EMS consists of 11 stations, 23 ambulances, and 170 staff members. Managing such an expansive organization might

Accident Tips & Prevention, Personal Injury | February 20, 2014

Real Heroes Wear Badges, Not Capes: Mike O’Brien

Perhaps the only action more selfless than volunteering one’s time to the potentially dangerous pursuit of fighting fires is devoting even more time to commanding an entire company of firefighters. Yet that’s exactly what Mike O’Brien does as Assistant Chief. In the field, he risks his own safety to help others. In the station, he puts in additional time and uses his leadership skills to help accomplish

Personal Injury | February 13, 2014

Real Heroes Wear Badges, Not Capes: Joseph Handline

The City of Philadelphia is many things: busy, exciting, cultural, and of course dangerous. Enforcing the law in such a massive, densely populated city with so many varied neighborhoods takes nothing less than the selfless dedication of the city’s finest. Among them is Joseph Handline, a young man who has emerged as a community leader both within and outside the police force.

Handline has served with the