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Personal Injury

Insurance Attorney, Personal Injury | June 16, 2015

How Revictimizing Victims Became a New Industry

This Man Is the Reason Insurance Companies Can Take Money From You (Again!)

My job is to protect accident victims from the overreaching insurance companies who try to wriggle out of paying victims what they deserve. This guy has the opposite claim to fame: he “protects” insurer’s profits at the expense of injured victims.

After all, in his own words, “Why isn’t this money going back to

Personal Injury | April 14, 2015

What You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Taxes and Your Claim

With the deadline for filing your 2014 taxes with the IRS fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to answer a question that’s on the minds of many personal injury claimants: will they have to pay tax on their settlement or judgment?

The intersection of income taxes and the legal system is so complex that the IRS has written a 30+ page guide on the subject. Fortunately, the

Accident Tips & Prevention, Current Events and News, Personal Injury | March 30, 2015

What Every Mom and Dad Must Know about Kids and Brain Injuries

For a parent, the possibility of your child – your baby – suffering a debilitating brain injury is unimaginable – but for millions of parents, that nightmare is a bleak reality.

Children age four and under and adolescents ages 15 through 19 are more likely than any other age groups to suffer a life-changing TBI. Even between ages four and 15, the risks are high, and the

Current Events and News, Personal Injury | March 18, 2015

What You Need to Know About Concussions

There’s a good chance that you or someone you love could sustain a concussion, whether in a big game or an unexpected accident. Millions of Americans will sustain concussions this year – like every year – from sports injuries, falls (the leading cause of all brain injuries), motor vehicle accidents, and assaults. Make sure you know how to recognize a concussion, the truth behind the many head