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Posted On February 24, 2012 Car Accidents

Close Call in Daytona for Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick’s first full season of NASCAR racing hit a bit of a bump at the Daytona International Speedway on Thursday when her GoDaddy.com car crashed. Her car hit the wall at nearly 200 miles per hour just one-lap from the end of the race. Watching the crash was enough even to make a NJ car accident lawyer jump out of their seat.

Yahoo reported that Partick, “acknowledged it was the hardest wreck of her career.” It was reported that the crash was so hard that all four wheels of the car were off the ground.

Thankfully she was not hurt in the crash. The SAFER barrier that she crashed into serves as a shock absorber and there has been speculation that this buff is what prevented her from sustaining serious injuries.

Yahoo said it best when they stated, “Patrick has come to NASCAR’s famous race well aware that a portion of these massive galleries still question her ability as a driver. Her toughness is no longer in debate though.”