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Posted On August 5, 2015 Personal Injury

Crazy Laws That Are Still on the Books

As US citizens, it’s our duty to obey the laws of the land – even the ones that aren’t to our personal liking. Some laws, however, simply defy common sense. Here are 14 unbelievable laws, covering various areas of our lives. If you break them, then you are in violation, but we doubt you’ll ever be prosecuted.

Doing Business

1. In Rhode Island, retailers are prohibited from selling both a toothbrush and toothpaste to the same customer on Sunday. Other days of the week, you can even throw in dental floss if you like.

2. In Texas, it is illegal to sell your eyeballs. This is presumably the case on any day of the week.


3. In North Carolina, it is against the law to sing off-key.

4. Also in North Carolina, bingo games can’t last any longer than five hours. We imagine that if you’re singing off-key at a six-hour bingo game, you’re really in trouble.

Our Animal Friends

5. In Wyoming, you require an official permit in order to take a picture of a rabbit in the months of January through April.

6. If you asked a chicken in Quitman, Georgia, why he or she crossed the road, the response might be “Because I’m a scofflaw.” The town prohibits chickens from crossing roads.

7. In Paulding, Ohio, police officers are permitted to bite dogs, but only if they think such an action will have a calming effect on the animal. Sure, that could work.


8. In Indiana, citizens are prohibited from using public transport or attending public events within four hours of eating garlic or onions. Actually, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea!

9. In Gainesville, Georgia, the only lawful method of eating fried chicken is with your hands.

Motor Vehicles

10. It is illegal to drive a red car down Lake Street in Minneapolis.

11. In Waynesboro, Virginia, a woman can’t drive a car down Main Street unless her husband precedes her, waving a red flag. We don’t know what the law requires if the woman is single.

12. If you’re driving into Washington, DC and you intend to commit a crime, you have to stop at the city limits, phone the chief of police and let him/her know what you’re planning. Pedestrians, we suppose, are on the honor system.

What the Heck?

Finally, two that just seem to defy categorization.

13. Back to Washington, DC again – you can be arrested or fined if you harass Bigfoot.

14. In Arkansas, it is illegal to pronounce “Arkansas” incorrectly.