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Posted On September 5, 2019 Marlton NJ

Famous people from Marlton NJ

Marlton is located within Evesham Township in New Jersey. The little township has a population of 10,000 residents and is located within Burlington County. The township was founded by farmers from Wales and England in 1676. The entire area was originally known as Evesham. However, at the beginning of the 19th Century, the term Marlton appeared for the first time. Marlton is actually derived from Marl Clay, which is the predominant soil type in the area. The discovery of the soil is what fueled an influx in construction within the region. Today, some of the most famous people in New Jersey come from Marlton, and it is the ultimate travel destination for anyone who is interested in learning about the culture of the settler farmers. Here, is a list of famous people to have come out of Marlton.

LeSean Kamel McCoy

Lesean Kamel Mccoy

LeSean was born in July 1988. He is the current running back of the Kansas City Chiefs Football Team. Before he started his professional career, he played ball in Pittsburg. He was then drafted to join the Philadelphia Eagles, before proceeding to sign a deal with the Kansas City Chiefs. LeSean is popularly known as Shady McCoy. He attended the Bishop McDevitt High School in Pennsylvania. He wears jersey number 25 and is respected for being one of the most competitive athletes to have come out of Marlton. There was a time that he had a little controversy with claims of domestic violence and illegal steroid being brought against him. However, he seems to have committed himself to clean up his image and living up to his reputation. Shady is a true Marlton Hero.


Jay Black

Jay Black

Jay Black is an entertainer and a stand-up comedian. Jay grew up in Marlton and attended the Hellen L. Beerler elementary school. He attended this school with the guy who would later become his partner in his entire screenwriting career, Brian Herzlinger. He graduated from the College of New Jersey in 1999. He started out as a teacher in a number of high schools before he left the profession and decided to try stand-up comedy. He has been quite successful in stand-up comedy. He headlines for Kevin Nealon’s shows around the country and also headlines on his shows. Jay has appeared in movies such as Meet My Valentine, which he also wrote with his friend, Herzlinger.


Andy Kim

Andy Kim

Marlton has also produced some of the most seasoned politicians in the country. One of the greatest and uprising political leaders that have come out of the City is Andy Kim. Kim is a former diplomat. He has served as a US representative in the 3rd New Jersey Congressional District. Kim was born to Korean Parents in Marlton. His family then moved to Cherry Hill, where he grew up. He attended Cherry Hill College before he proceeded to the Deep Hill College. While still in college, he earned an internship at the United States Agency for International Development. Kim has worked closely with the government at the local and the national level. He was part of the team of the United States National Security Council, official to president Obama.


Richard Ruccolo

"the Memory Keeper';s Daughter" Premiere Los Angeles, Ca

It is no secret that some of the greatest names in Hollywood have come from New Jersey. These include Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and many others. However, one name that is close to the hearts of the residents of Marlton is Richard Rucollo. Richard was born in March 1972, in Marlton. He is best known for the role he played in the sitcom Two Guys and a Girl. He went to Cherokee High School in EveshamTownship. He discovered he had an acting talent when he starred in the school’s production of Oklahoma. After his graduation, he headed to LA to look for work. He admits that he did sleep on a friend’s sofa for the longest time while he looked for work. Today, he is one of the known names in television comedy.


These are just a few of the amazing people that have come from Marlton, New Jersey. Others who have come from the town include Jerry Penacoli, Jody McDonald, Sheldon Brown and Esther E.Baldwin. People who come from or live in New Jersey are always proud to be associated with these successful Americans who have their roots in this town.