Contacting the Police After A Dog Bite

Dog biting a person

An animal attack isn’t the kind of injury you can just brush off. Even an injury that seems minor can be serious because dog bites can become infected or transmit potentially dangerous diseases.

With that being said, you should always call the authorities after a dog bite, whether you plan to pursue a personal injury claim or not.

Calling 911 after a dog bite matters because it accomplishes three important goals.

Alerting the authorities to a dog bite helps you:

Get the urgent medical care you need.
Report the dog attack.
Comply with public health and safety protocols.

For more information about reporting a dog bite to the police, read on, or call us today for help with a dog bite lawsuit.

Signs That You Need to Call the Police to Report the Dog Bite Right Now

do i need to call the police after a dog biteAre your injuries so severe that they could be life-threatening?

Did someone involved in the attack suffer the severing of a body part, a lot of blood loss, or loss of feeling or mobility?

Is there any doubt about the dog’s history of rabies vaccinations?

Is the dog still behaving aggressively?

If so, call 911 for emergency help right away.

Dispatchers can send an ambulance to get you to the hospital. More importantly, the stabilizing care they provide on the way can make a big difference in how successful your dog bite injury treatment is.

The 911 dispatchers can also send police to help stop the ongoing rampage of an aggressive dog – so no one else has to get hurt.

Seeking Emergency Help for a Dog Bite

 After a dog bite, taking care of your health needs to be your top priority. Dog bite first aid isn’t a do-it-yourself matter.

So call 911 after a dog bite and let the dispatcher know that you need medical attention immediately.

Dog bite infections are common due to the presence of bacteria in a dog’s mouth. Tetanus, rabies, and other diseases can all develop from a dog bite – so you need more than home remedies. Most dog bite victims go to urgent care facilities or emergency rooms.

When to Seek Medical Care for a Dog

You should always take precautions after a dog bite. But it’s especially important to get medical care if the dog bite resulted in any of the following symptoms:


Some of these symptoms could indicate a dog bite wound infection. Others could be a sign of a serious injury, including nerve damage, from the dog bite.

Some of the most dangerous cases our Pennsylvania and New Jersey dog bite lawyers have seen involved:

  • Dog bites to the face, especially the eye, lip, nose, or ear
  • Dog bites to the arm, hand, or finger
  • Dog bites to the leg, knee, ankle, or foot

Here’s what you need to know about pursuing a dog bite claim in New Jersey:

Dog Bite Treatment

When you seek medical help for a dog bite, you’ll likely receive antibiotics to help prevent an infection. Your medical provider should carefully clean and close the dog bite wound, with stitches or sutures if necessary. You may need to get a tetanus shot when you suffer a dog bite.

Left untreated, a dog bite could result in severe, painful, life-threatening infections and diseases. When humans develop rabies from a dog bite – and don’t get the rabies vaccine – the condition is usually fatal, the U.S. National Library of Medicine reported.

After a dog bite, it’s essential that you report the incident to the relevant authorities. It’s also essential that you get the help you need, including medical care and legal guidance.

Never put off getting necessary medical treatment for a dog bite injury. To protect your legal rights, consult experienced dog bite lawyers like Console & Associates P.C.

Documenting the Dog Bite

Even if the main reason you need to call the police after a dog bite is for emergency medical help, there are other important things that happen when you report the animal attack. One of those things is documenting the incident.

You probably feel like the attack and its aftermath are two things you will never forget. But unfortunately,you may need more evidence than your account of what happened if you’re going to get the compensation you deserve for this injury.

Homeowner’s insurance policies are typically responsible for covering the damages that stem from dog bites and attacks. However, insurers don’t willingly hand out large sums of money to victims.

They are businesses. They’re more concerned about their profits than the pain you’re going through. And they often try to minimize the value of a claim, procrastinate paying, or deny the claim completely.

A dog bite report from the police is strong proof that the attack really did happen when you said it did and the way you say it did.

Public Health and Safety

Dogs that bite are more than legal liability. They’re a public health and safety risk – especially when you’re talking about dogs that could be infected with rabies or other diseases.

Rabies from Dog Bites

do i need to call the police after a dog bite While most cases of dog-to-human rabies transmission result from a deep bite, the dog bite doesn’t have to draw blood or even break the skin necessarily. Saliva that’s infected with rabies can enter the body even through just a scratch, according to the Humane Society. Rabies transmission can also occur if the dog’s saliva made contact with an open wound or a mucus membrane, like those found in your eyes, mouth, and nose.

Reporting the bite to animal control and the local health department is necessary to make your community safer.

Authorities can quarantine dogs to determine if they have rabies or another disease. This quarantine, along with a veterinarian exam, can help determine if you, the victim, might be at risk.

Depending on the circumstances of the attack, the municipal court may hold a hearing to determine if the dog poses a further risk. If so, the court may decide what additional steps to take to prevent the dog from biting again.