Children are among the most common dog bite victims, and their injuries, unfortunately, are often more severe than those of adults. It’s essential that you protect your child’s health and legal rights.

Here are the top three steps you must take right away to help your child through the ordeal of a dog attack:

1. Seek Immediate Medical Care

The first thing you must do is get your child medical care, now. If the injuries seem severe, take your child to the emergency room – kids die from dog bites every year, and you certainly don’t want to underestimate the seriousness of your child’s wounds. Make sure you follow up on your child’s medical care, including making appointments with specialists and getting tests done.

2. Report the Bite

Dog bites are a public health concern, and it’s essential that you report them to the appropriate authorities. Depending on the situation, that could include local animal control and police departments as well as your local health department. Don’t worry about getting the dog – or its owner – in trouble. Right now, factors like your child’s health and public safety are more important.

3. Get Legal Help

Your child’s health is your top priority, but protecting his or her legal rights should be a close second. There’s a chance that your child could need ongoing medical care – including physical therapy, scar revision surgery, and therapy to cope with the emotional trauma of the attack. If some aspect of the injury is irreversible, your child’s life will never be the same. Your family deserves compensation for the medical bills, for the permanent changes to your child’s life and future, and for the pain and suffering your kid had to endure. If you try to manage this situation on your own, you’re giving up your child’s legal rights to pursue the maximum amount of compensation.

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