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Posted On July 28, 2011 Car Accidents

Fiery Car Crash Shuts Down New Jersey Turnpike

Parts of the New Jersey Turnpike were shut down for almost four hours on Tuesday, June 28th from just after 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. due to an accident. According to police reports, the accident occurred when a tractor-trailer rear-ended a recreational vehicle. The RV, which was towing a car, then crashed into a second RV that was in front of it. After the second crash, the two rear vehicles caught fire. A ruptured fuel tank was the cause of the fire, according to the State Police. The five people who were traveling in the RVs escaped with minor injuries. A broken arm kept the driver of the tractor-trailer from exiting the vehicle on his own, but State Police Sgt. John Campo rescued the driver and pulled him to safety. The driver then suffered diabetic shock, but was treated by emergency responders at the scene of the crash. He was transported to Capital Health Regional Medical Center and was reported to be in good condition. Northbound turnpike lanes were shut down while firefighters worked to extinguish the flames. Traffic had backed up for nearly nine miles before lanes were reopened. The right lane remained closed until 8 p.m.

Fire and Car Crashes

One common myth is that gasoline explodes. Gasoline doesn’t explode – in fact, liquid gasoline doesn’t even burn. When a car crash results in flames, gasoline vapors are the cause. When explosions do occur, it’s because the gasoline vapors are compressed into a small, sealed space. As they burn, they expand. Pressure builds quickly, and the container violently bursts. Car crashes that involve fire should be handled very carefully. Turn your engine off to stop the flow of gasoline. You shouldn’t try to put out the fire yourself – save that for the professionals. Instead, ensure that everyone is uninjured and move a safe distance away from the vehicles.

Should You Call a Car Accident Lawyer?

Many insurance policies don’t provide fire coverage for vehicles. Does that mean getting money for your damages is a lost cause and you shouldn’t call a car accident lawyer? Absolutely not! Getting in touch with a motor vehicle accident attorney is one of the best ways of making sure that you get the money you need for your medical bills and damages. Get in touch with the injury lawyers at Console & Associates P.C. if you’ve been in an accident. They’re your New Jersey car accident lawyers.