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Posted On August 20, 2019 Philadelphia PA

Frankford Hall- An Interesting Place To Visit in Philadelphia

Frankford Hall is a magnificent recreational & meeting spot in Philadelphia, with the architectural design of an industrial center. Located at Fishtown area, it’s a popular site among locals and visitors who are attracted by some of its facilities including; indoor bar with ping pong, outdoor picnic tables, fire pits and shuffleboard.

This facility embodies the German theme of biergarten, or beer garden, which is a common tradition in the country where beer & native dishes are served to visitors who sit at shared tables.

What to expect at Frankford Hall:

Once you enter Frankford Hall, you’ll be welcomed by a gathering of wooden tables neatly arranged outdoors beneath the clear, blue skies of Philadelphia. Unlike in a conventional restaurant, there are no waiters to guide you to your sitting spot and this is done privately. Also, there are no staff to take your food & drink orders but instead there’s a central beer/meals stand where you place orders and pay upfront to receive the products.

Similarly, visitors are required to use cash as the primary means of transaction, since cards are typically not accepted in biergarten settings. Likewise, after receiving your beer and food from the counter, you have to carry it back to the table without any help from waiters.

Since Frankford Hall is a social place, it’s best to come along with your family or friends so as to share the fun together. The venue is always open from Monday up to Sunday, so you can even come over during the weekend if that’s when time is available.

What kind of meals are served to guests?

Being a multi-cultural recreational site with a German heritage, visitors should expect to be served both German and American beer brands which are available in plenty in half and 1 liter bottles.

Other desserts served to clients include; sausages, fresh Bazarian pretzels and burgers. Basically, most of the food found here are tasty grab & bite snacks which you can enjoy with your whole family. Apart from those mentioned above, others include the following:-

a) Hendl. It consists of half-a-chicken seasoned with garlic and other natural herbs/spices to add more taste.

b) Spatzle. This is a delicious egg noodle meal that’s typically served with brown-fried onions and plenty of cheese.

c) Schweinshaxe. It’s a large pork knuckle that’s slow roasted for the perfect cook, and typically served with knives and forks for easy slicing.

d) Flammkuchen. It’s a German thin-crust pizza that’s prepared with plenty of crème fraiche, bacon and onions.

Directions to Frankford Hall:

This site is found along 1210 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125 which is in Fishtown suburb. The region is famous for its vibrant art, dining and music culture, including nightlife activities, retro arcades and beer gardens of which Frankford Hall is one of them.

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From Frankford Hall, our offices are located just 3.2 miles away following Callowhill Street, plus on average it will only take you 13 minutes to reach us when driving from this location. You only need to drive southwards from the site then turn East at the intersection before Dave & Buster’s, before swerving the vehicle Southwards again to join N 8th Street and East into the 676 road where Console & Associates P.C. is located.

To summarize, Frankford Hall is a popular tourist destination in Philadelphia consisting of German-style beer parks, communal tables for family picnics and various food options to choose from. It’s ideal for recreational pastime activities with family & friends, and is open to both local visitors and those coming from outside. Apart from Frankford Hall, there are other equally interesting sites in the area you can visit such as the Northern Liberties, SugarHouse Casino and North Shore Beach Club.