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Posted On August 20, 2019 Philadelphia PA

Historic Strawberry Mansion

Fairmount Park in the capital city Philadelphia of the state Pennsylvania is well-known for being home to several exquisite historic houses, popularly known as mansions. Of many such century-old historic houses sprawling across this neighborhood, the Historic Strawberry Mansion is one of the largest. Built in the late 18th century by a judge named William Lewis, the house has gone through little changes.

Although Judge Lewis used this mansion primarily as a summer home, he started to live there during his final years. It was only in the late 19th century, almost a hundred years after the mansion was originally built, that the house changed its ownership to become the property of another judge, Joseph Hemphill. The “Summerville”, as the house was originally christened by the first owner, Judge Lewis, finally went through some modifications in the form of a couple of Greek revival-style windows in 1825. That was the first and only architectural change performed in this grand building.

The mansion received its present name in the period between 1846 and 1867 after Judge Hemphill had passed on. History says that during this time, farmers used to rent parts of the mansion to sell strawberries from their farms along with creme. The general public used to visit these parts of the house, but it was officially the property of a landowner.

Major renovations began in the house in the year 1930, and the magnificent mansion was ultimately thrown open to the public in that decade. With a little help from the Fairmount Park Commission and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the mansion was restored by the Committee of 1926, as a museum and event venue. The historical significance of the building was further enhanced, and the cultural heritage of Fairmount Park was enriched by moving a grand collection of European and American artwork to the house.

In the present day, the Historic Strawberry Mansion offers tours of the museum and has garnered visits from over 25,000 tourists since its opening. The mansion is also widely popular as a venue for community events, lectures, and exhibitions. The two-century-old building is a sought-after wedding destination as well, considering it is home to award-winning gardens and a unique brick terrace leading down to its signature Azalea path.

This sprawling property is located at 2450 Strawberry Mansion Drive, Philadelphia, PA 19132. It is situated in proximity to the bustling city center of Philadelphia, while conveniently tucked away in the sleepy, fascinating, quaint little neighborhood of Fairmount Park.

Located within 15 minutes of drive from the mansion is the law firm Console and Associates P.C. To reach this firm, follow the directions below.

1. Start at the Strawberry Mansion Bridge Dr and Martin Luther King Jr Dr to move straight to I-76 E.

2. Drive on I-76 E to reach N 15th St.

3. From I-676, take the exit toward Central Philadelphia.

4. After about four minutes of driving down N 15th St, you will reach Sansom Street, where Console and Associates is located.

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Fairmount Park is home to other major mansions apart from the beautiful Historic Strawberry Mansion. Some of these buildings are as old as 1719, and a tour among these architectural masterpieces is always one to remember. Some of the most popular buildings include Belmont Mansion, Cedar Grover Mansion, The Cliffs Mansion, and Boelson Cottage. Whether you are a visitor to the state of Pennsylvania or a permanent resident of the energetic city of Philadelphia, Fairmount Park is always a place you could visit to wind down and take a break from your busy life.