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Posted On August 20, 2019 Philadelphia PA

Kick Axe Throwing Philadelphia

Visiting Kick Axe Throwing Philadelphia

In just a short amount of time, axe throwing has turned into one of the most popular social activities in the United States. New locations are popping up all over the place, and one company leading the charge is Kick Axe Throwing.

With locations in Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Washington DC, the company is growing at a fast rate. Not only is it a great social activity, but competitive axe throwing is starting to really grow as well.

How Axe Throwing Has Taken Off

The simplest way to explain axe throwing is that it is similar to playing darts. The difference is, instead of a small dart, the axes are bigger, more dangerous and present a new type of challenge with a small learning curve. Some people throw them one-handed, while others opt for a two-handed, over the head approach.

Family and friends like going on outings to Kick Axe Throwing Philadelphia, but it is also a great place for corporate team building and work events in general. Any time there is a group activity that needs to be planned, it is an affordable option that can be enjoyable for people of all ages.

What makes Kick Axe Throwing So Popular?

There is growing competition for axe throwing venues around Philadelphia, but Kick Axe Throwing Philadelphia has really turned itself into an extremely popular destination. What catches the attention of a lot of first-time visitors is the attention to detail with interior design. They spare no expense making it look like a place that is just meant to throw axes.

Once a person is inside, they will see a very outdoorsy feel from the very beginning. It is upscale but in a rugged way. With several different bays to play on, it is fairly easy to get time to throw axes. The peak hours can be busy occasionally, but the wait is usually not too bad.

As one of the first truly popular axe throwing companies in the country, they have been featured in plenty of publications. CNN, The New York Times, Time and The Late Night with Seth Meyers have all featured the company at one point.

Visitors can take advantage of a number of food and drink options on site as well. The lumberjack pie coal oven pizza is particularly popular with a lot of visitors. The company has a full liquor license for people to take advantage of during and after playing.

Looking to step things up a notch? Kick Axe Throwing Philadelphia has put together some great competitions for those who are looking for an extra challenge. From tournaments to league play, there is something for anyone who thinks they are the best in the city.

Everything is supervised very carefully, making it virtually risk-free for even beginners. First time players are instructed on how to throw the axe and protect themselves, and there are always employees watching to make sure that no one is playing recklessly.
Where is Kick Axe Throwing Philadelphia Located?

The entire location, which is located at 232 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106, is just blocks away from some of the most iconic spots in Philadelphia. From the Liberty Bell to Washington Square, a lot of different places are within walking distance.

It is also close to Console and Associates PC personal injury attorney. They are one of the most respected names in personal injury compensation services, with 25 years of experience serving the city of brotherly love. It is less than .3 miles west of kick ax throwing Philly, accessible by public transportation or simply walking.

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