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Marlton Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle collisions can be uniquely devastating.

If you had a motorcycle accident in Marlton, New Jersey, dealing with the pain and limitations of your injuries is already enough of a strain. Add in the massive financial harm that a motorcycle accident can do, and this situation can quickly become one of the most difficult times of your life.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

You don’t have to do this alone. A Marlton motorcycle accident lawyer can step in to protect your legal rights and get you compensation for your Evesham Township motorbike collision. Together, we’ll get you the care you need and get your life back on track.

What to Do When You’ve Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident in Marlton, NJ

  1. Call 9-1-1 for emergency help and to document the accident.
  2. Take photos, notes, and witness statements while on the scene of the crash.
  3. Seek medical care right away, even if you don’t think your injuries are serious.
  4. Talk to a Marlton motorcycle accident lawyer about your legal rights and options.

About Marlton, NJ, Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents in Marlton — and throughout South Jersey — happen more often than you’d think. Every crash has the potential to derail the lives of the motorcycle rider and their family.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries and Fatalities

The motorcycle accident statistics are striking. In 2018, nearly 5,000 motorcyclists died in accidents across the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Another 82,000 motorcyclists suffered injuries in an accident.

In NJ alone in recent years (2016), 2,200 motorcycle riders crashed, and dozens of those accidents were fatal, according to the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General.

Although motorcycles account for less than 3 percent of all registered vehicles on the road, motorcyclists accounted for 14 percent of all traffic fatalities in 2018, the NHTSA reported. Further, there’s an 82 percent chance of sustaining injuries when in motorcycle collisions in New Jersey, the NJ Office of the Attorney General reported.

Why Do So Many Motorcycle Accidents Occur in Marlton?

Burlington County, specifically, saw 12,238 crashes of all kinds occur on its roadways in 2018, the New Jersey Department of Transportation reported.

That’s no small number. In fact, it puts the Burlington County crash rate well above that of many other South Jersey counties, including:

  • Atlantic County (with 7,494 crashes)
  • Cape May County (2,532 crashes)
  • Cumberland County (3,706 crashes)
  • Gloucester County (7,713 crashes)
  • Salem County (1,738 crashes).

Among South Jersey counties, only Camden County and Ocean County reported more crashes than Burlington County, with 15,755 and 14,848 collisions, respectively.

The Most Dangerous Roads for Motorcyclists in Marlton

Although motorcycle accidents can happen anywhere a motorist behaves negligently behind the wheel, collisions occur more commonly on the major highways and roadways in or around Marlton.

  • Anyone who has ever driven through Marlton can attest to the traffic congestion that arises on roads like Route 73 and Route 70.
  • In and around Marlton, you’ll also find major highways like Route 38, the New Jersey Turnpike, and I-295.
  • Accidents also occur on smaller, but often busy, roadways in Marlton and throughout Evesham Township, including Greentree Road, Church Road, Troth Road, Kettle Run Road, Cropwell Road, County 607, County 618, and County 620.

Getting help promptly after an accident is critical. Our Burlington County motorcycle accident attorneys often work with patients who sought treatment at one of the following Marlton hospitals:

  • Virtua Marlton Hospital on Brick Road
  • Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation – Marlton, on Brick Road
  • Voorhees Pediatric Rehab Hospital on Brick Road in Marlton, NJ

Beyond the boundaries of Marlton, you’ll find hospitals in many nearby cities where you might go to receive care following a Marlton motorcycle crash. We routinely represent injured motorcyclists who seek treatment at South Jersey hospitals in the following cities:

  • Cherry Hill
  • Voorhees
  • Berlin
  • Mount Holly
  • Camden

If you’re not sure how to go about getting your injuries treated, give us a call. Our Evesham Township motorcycle accident lawyers are familiar with Marlton and the entire surrounding area. We’re here to help.

Personal Injury Matters and NJ Motorcycle Accident Law

In Marlton and elsewhere in New Jersey, specific state laws can affect motorcycle accident claims. Here are some of the most important laws you need to know:

  • Accident reporting. Under New Jersey statute 39:4-130, you must immediately report a collision involving any injury, or property damage of at least $500, to the authorities.
  • Title 59 immunity for government defendants. In certain situations, your motorcycle accident injury claim may involve a government defendant. For example, you may have to sue a driver who was on the clock as a municipal government employee or the government entity responsible for the maintenance of a hazardous road.

Title 59, also known as the New Jersey Tort Claims Act, imposes restrictions on plaintiffs pursuing claims against the government. Under Title 59, you only have 90 days to take action when pursuing a claim against a government entity.

  • No lane splitting. The practice of “lane splitting” is popular and may even offer riders some protection from crashes due to driver visibility issues, according to sources like the NHTSA. However, lane splitting is not authorized in NJ. If caught lane splitting, you may be cited for failure to keep right, according to NJ.com.

If you were lane-splitting at the time of the accident, you might be considered partly at fault for the collision, even if the other driver was the negligent one. In that case, you should speak to a Marlton, NJ motorcycle accident law firm right away about your options and how to prove that the other driver’s negligence was primarily responsible for the crash.

Types of Motorcycle Accidents in Marlton

Need legal help for your motorcycle injury matter? Console & Associates assists the motorcycling community in Burlington County and throughout New Jersey with cases involving a variety of types of collisions, including:

  • Hit and run motorcycle crashes
  • Left-turn motorcycle collisions
  • Blind spot motorcycle accidents
  • Sideswipe motorcycle crashes
  • T-bone (side-impact or broadside) motorcycle collisions
  • Head-on motorcycle crashes
  • Rear-end motorcycle accidents

Because we handle personal injury matters exclusively, our trial lawyers in Marlton, NJ, understand the nuances that make every accident injury claim unique.

We also know how motorcycle crashes are different from car crashes — and what you need from your legal team to get results for your motorcycle accident claim.

The Differences Between Motorcycle Accidents and Car Accidents

  • More extensive injuries to the motorcyclist. In a car-motorcycle collision, the biker often sustains far more serious injuries than the occupant of the car. Even the smallest passenger vehicle is more enclosed and has a lot more stability than a motorcycle offers. This greater extent of injuries makes it all the more necessary that injured motorcyclists pursue a claim.
  • More significant property damage. Unfortunately, a run-in with a larger vehicle is likely to cause considerable damage to your bike. Even cosmetic damage to the wrong part of the motorcycle may be enough to total a bike. If you’re struggling to make sense of your property damage claim as well as your injury matter, our New Jersey motorcycle attorneys may be able to help.
  • Little to no medical coverage from no-fault insurance. NJ’s no-fault law already complicates motor vehicle accident matters, but these situations are even more complex when motorcycles are involved. Don’t count on either your New Jersey motorcycle insurance policy or your auto insurance policy to cover the costs of your medical care.

Who Pays for Medical Expenses in a Marlton, NJ Motorcycle Accident?

So, who does pay your medical bills if you are injured in a motorcycle accident? The insurance policies you probably think will cover you typically aren’t much help when paying for motorcycle accident injuries.

Instead, you’re likely to be stuck relying on your health insurance — if you have it — or paying the bills yourself.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Pay for Medical Expenses From a Motorcycle Accident?

Although you pay for motorcycle insurance, it may not cover your medical bills after an accident. That’s because liability coverage — coverage for the injuries and damage others suffer due to your negligence — is what’s typically required in a motorcycle insurance policy.

You can choose to pay extra for additional, optional coverages that may include medical benefits. Unless you specifically sought out this coverage, though, your policy may not include it.

Does Auto Insurance Pay for Medical Expenses From a Motorcycle Accident?

If you have a car as well as a bike, you may think you can just go through your auto insurance policy. Due to NJ’s no-fault law, the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage you purchase with your auto insurance policy covers injuries you suffer when driving a car, riding in a car, or even if you are struck by a car while walking. But it typically excludes injuries sustained while riding a motorcycle.

You may have up to $250,000 of PIP coverage for an auto accident, but due to the nature of how you suffered your injuries, you can’t access it.

Although it’s important to have motorcycle insurance (and, if you drive a car, auto insurance), these policies won’t be much help when it comes to paying your motorcycle accident medical bills.

Health Insurance and Paying Out of Pocket for Motorcycle Accident Injuries

If you have health insurance, this will help to soften the blow of your medical bills, but the financial consequences are still serious.

Many health insurance policies come with considerable deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance obligations. Some health insurance policies have out-of-pocket maximums in the range of several thousands of dollars — even upwards of $10,000.

This figure only applies to the policy term. If your rehabilitation takes multiple years, or if it begins late in a policy period so that it stretches over multiple policies, you can be on the hook for this huge out-of-pocket cost more than once.

Going through your health insurance policy also limits your choice of doctors and, in some cases, how much therapy is available to you for the policy period. If you need extensive physical therapy to recover, you could quickly exceed this limit — and be on your own paying for the rest of your rehabilitation.

Without health insurance, you’re facing exorbitant medical bills completely on your own. These costs can quickly climb into the tens of thousands of dollars range. For motorcyclists who suffer catastrophic injuries, the financial consequences can be even greater.

That’s why it’s so important that motorcycle riders who are hurt because of someone else’s careless actions get the full amount of compensation they deserve. To get better and get your life back on track, you need every dollar you’re entitled to.

If you can’t afford your medical care, don’t wait a moment longer to reach out to an Evesham Township motorcycle accident attorney. We can help you get the care you need now while we pursue the motorcycle accident payout you deserve — without ever charging you fees upfront.

Do I Have a Marlton Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim?

The most important elements of a motorcycle accident case in Marlton are:

  1. Negligence and duty of care
  2. Damages

Negligence in Marlton, NJ Motorcycle Accidents

Everyone using the roadway owes a duty of care to others sharing the road. Too often, motorcycle riders get hurt because drivers of larger vehicles fail to uphold this duty. Inattentive drivers fail to see a motorcycle and crash into them. Aggressive drivers refuse to yield, thinking they have more right to the road than the motorcyclist.

Actions that disregard this duty of care can constitute negligence. In a serious motorcycle crash in Marlton, negligence can mean anything from a driver failing to check their blind spots to running a red light.

Types of Damages in a Marlton Motorcycle Accident Case

Damages refers to the different kinds of harms and losses you could suffer in a motorcycle crash, such as:

  • Past and future medical and rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages while your injuries kept you out of work
  • Diminished future earning capacity, if disabled
  • The expenses of hiring someone to perform tasks you can no longer do yourself
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Wrongful death damages, to compensate for the economic and non-economic losses you might experience if you lost a family member

Compensation for injuries in a motorcycle crash in Marlton, New Jersey, depends on your damages. A Marlton, NJ motorcycle accident lawyer can fight to get you a settlement that fully covers your damages.

The Most Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Some of the most common injuries in a motorcycle crash in Marlton, NJ, include:

  • Cuts, lacerations, and abrasions, which can lead to permanent disfigurement
  • Road rash and friction burns
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Concussions, head injuries, and other types of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Spinal cord injuries that can lead to paralysis
  • Amputations and limb loss
  • Internal injuries, including internal organ damage and internal bleeding
  • Back and neck injuries, such as herniated discs
  • Soft tissue injuries, including muscle and nerve damage
  • Eye injuries that can lead to partial or complete vision loss
  • Dental injuries

These and other serious injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident in Marlton can leave you with a great deal of pain and significant disabilities.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Marlton

Common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Tailgating
  • Speeding
  • Ignoring traffic signs and signals
  • Neglecting to use turn signals or headlights
  • Not checking blind spots and mirrors
  • Turning in front of motorcycles without yielding
  • Passing motorcycles unsafely
  • Road hazards
  • Poor vehicle maintenance

Do I Need a Marlton Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

The last thing motorcyclists who are hurt in accidents in Marlton need is the hassle of a legal battle. But you do need compensation, and that means pursuing a motorcycle accident injury claim.

Having Marlton, NJ motorcycle accident lawyers on your side puts you in a position to get the maximum payout for your injuries without having to deal with the distractions of an insurance claim yourself.

And with no-win, no-fee representation and free consultation, suing for injuries in a motorcycle crash in Marlton, NJ will cost you nothing out of pocket.

What Can a Marlton, NJ Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do for Me?

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Marlton will handle every aspect of your personal injury claim for you, including:

  • Thoroughly investigating your collision
  • Collecting and preserving evidence that supports claims of the other party’s negligence
  • Calculating the amount of your economic and non-economic damages to make sure that your payout covers all of your losses
  • Negotiating the settlement you deserve
  • Filing a motorcycle accident injury lawsuit on your behalf
  • Representing you in all legal proceedings, including a trial, if necessary

But that’s not all. Research shows that, on average, attorneys get their clients 3.5 times more money than claimants without a lawyer receive.

Why Choose Console & Associates for a Marlton Motorcycle Injury Claim

Console & Associates is a team of experienced personal injury lawyers in South Jersey. Here’s what our Marlton law firm has to offer you:

  • More than 25 years of experience representing clients throughout South Jersey
  • An exclusive focus on personal injury law
  • No-win, no-fee legal representation, a free consultation, and more through our No Fee Promise
  • A team of skilled Marlton, NJ motorcycle accident and injury lawyers ready to fight for you
  • A history of success representing accident victims, including those injured in a motorcycle accident in New Jersey

Motorcycle Claim Results From Our Injury Attorneys in Marlton, New Jersey

Hiring a Marlton personal injury attorney will add value to your motorcycle injury lawsuit, but hiring the right lawyer will maximize that value. Our Burlington County motorcycle accident lawyers have a history of getting results for our clients.

In fact, we once helped a motorcycle accident victim get 14 times the settlement offer he had almost accepted from an insurance adjuster. When he asked us to review his settlement offer for free, we knew that he deserved much more — and we got him $340,000.

Free Motorcycle Injury Consultation for Marlton Accident Victims

Still wondering if it’s worth hiring motorcycle accident attorneys in Marlton, NJ, for your claim? Why not take advantage of a free consultation and find out for yourself?

We’ll review the details of your unique situation, answer any questions you have about the legal process, and let you know how we may be able to help.

There’s no cost and no obligation, so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain from talking to our Burlington County motorcycle lawyers.

Marlton, NJ Motorcycle Accident FAQs

1. When Should I Contact a New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

The sooner you speak to a Marlton motorcycle accident attorney, the better.

You typically have two years to file a lawsuit for a motorcycle accident injury under the New Jersey statute of limitations — but waiting anywhere near that long to speak to motorcycle accident attorneys in Burlington County is a bad idea.


  • Some exceptions — such as suing a government entity — could drastically cut down the time you have to pursue a claim.
  • Waiting to hire a lawyer allows evidence to become lost or get destroyed, preventing your attorney from performing as thorough an investigation as possible.
  • The longer you deal with the claim yourself, the more hassle it is to you, and the greater the chance of making a big mistake that could undermine the value of your case.
  • Your attorney needs enough time to prepare your case before the statute of limitations ends. Waiting until too late to reach out to a lawyer means there’s not enough time for an attorney to thoroughly prepare your case.

2. Who Is Liable for a Marlton Motorcycle Accident?

Who can you sue for a motorcycle crash in Marlton, NJ?

  • A driver whose negligence caused the crash
  • Their employer, if the driver was operating a company vehicle or was on the clock at the time of the crash
  • A bar that continued to serve alcohol to the intoxicated person, if that person caused the crash by driving drunk
  • The manufacturer of any defective parts of the motorcycle you were driving or the car that hit you, if a malfunction contributed to the crash
  • A government entity, if a hazardous road was negligently maintained

Your Marlton motorcycle accident lawyer will examine all evidence to identify every potential defendant in your case. This way, you can recover every dollar of compensation you deserve from all parties involved in causing your motorcycle crash.

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