New Jersey Woman Killed in DUI Accident

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Woman Killed In New Jersey Car Accident Involving Suspected Drunk Driver

A New Jersey woman was killed in a DUI accident on I-295 in West Deptford on September 17. Jenita Noel was killed when the car she was riding in lost control and hit a retaining wall. The crash left the vehicle’s four occupants trapped. Emergency crews pried them free.

Police say the car’s driver, Karon Blanton, was driving under the influence (DUI) on a suspended license. Blanton faces vehicular homicide charges and is being held on a $250,000 bond. The vehicle’s other occupants, Rudolph Curby and Corey Kersey, were treated at area hospitals.

We are deeply saddened by the tragic passing of Ms. Noel, and our sympathy goes out to her family. We wish Mr. Curby and Mr. Kersey a speedy recovery from their injuries.

The Danger of Driving Drunk

Research shows that driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 can increase stopping distance by four feet – and that distance can increase the more a person drinks. But research also shows that over 17 million people drive drunk each year, and that another 17 million accept a ride from someone that they believe is drunk.

As the crash that killed Jenita Noel demonstrates, driving drunk or accepting a ride from a drunk driver can have tragic consequences. For his decision to take the wheel, Mr. Blanton is facing prison time. The price Ms. Noel paid was much higher.

At Console & Associates P.C., our NJ injury attorneys represent DUI victims and their families regularly. While we can’t prevent DUI accidents from happening, we can hold responsible the people who cause them.

Have You Been Injured in a DUI Accident?

If a drunk driver has left you with injuries, call the New Jersey personal injury lawyers at Console & Associates P.C. today. If we are unable to negotiate a reasonable settlement on your behalf, our NJ injury attorneys can pursue the defendant and his or her insurance company in court.

For over 17 years, our New Jersey personal injury lawyers have helped victims of DUI accidents recover a variety of damages.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

This article was professionally reviewed by Richard P Console Jr, an attorney licensed to practice in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Mr. Console has more than twenty years experience practicing personal injury law and successfully resolving vehicle accident claims on behalf of his clients.

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While this information was reviewed for accuracy, it should not be considered legal advice. Every claim is different. If you are thinking of pursuing a personal injury claim and have a question contact us directly. 

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