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Newark Truck Accident Attorney

If you have an injury or a loved one recently passed away from a commercial truck accident in Newark, you have rights. The trucking company or another party may owe you financial compensation for causing or contributing to your collision. At Console & Associates PC, our Newark personal injury lawyers know a settlement or verdict will not make everything better. We hope, however, it can help victims in need regain their financial footing for a brighter future. Please schedule a free consultation with one of our Newark truck accident attorneys today at (862) 229-1137.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have years of truck accident practice area experience throughout New Jersey.
  • We have obtained millions of dollars for truck accident claimants.
  • We treat each client like our only client, with exceptional care and attention.
  • We have a local law office in Newark, New Jersey at 494 Broad Street #208B.
  • We take truck accident claimants on a contingency fee basis in Newark.

How Common Are Truck Accidents in New Jersey?

With commercial driver’s licenses, special training and a crew of people in charge of vehicle maintenance, it is reasonable to assume commercial trucks are safe. Unfortunately, trucking companies often break the rules and behave negligently to save time or money. This leads to a higher number of truck accidents than most drivers realize. In 2017 alone, commercial trucks were involved in 4,657 deadly traffic accidents throughout the U.S. Thousands of other victims suffered serious injuries.

What Causes Commercial Truck Crashes?

Commercial trucks are prone to all the same accident causes as typical motor vehicles, including driver errors and equipment failures. Yet they also must contend with unique hazards such as cargo securement, oversized loads, hydraulic brake systems, large blind spots and wide turns. In addition, the commercial trucking industry involves risks such as fatigued and overworked drivers, poorly maintained trucks, and dangerous routes. Many things could go wrong during a commercial truck’s course to cause catastrophic accidents.

Who Is Liable?

Before you can name the liable party in your Newark truck accident claim, you must identify the cause of your collision. You may need to hire a law firm to investigate on your behalf. The cause of the crash can point to the most likely defendant. If bad brakes caused the crash, for example, the defendant could be the brake manufacturer or the trucking company in charge of vehicle maintenance. One or more parties may be liable for your damages.

  • The truck company. Trucking companies in Essex County may be legally responsible for accidents their drivers cause, as well as for accidents that trace back to company negligence. This includes crashes connected to improper driver training, unsafe hiring procedures, broken federal laws and poor fleet maintenance.
  • The truck manufacturer. A single defective truck part could lead to a breakdown of a critical system, such as the steering or brakes. Defective auto parts can cause tire blowouts, rear-end collisions, loss of truck control, rollovers, jackknifes and other serious accidents. The part manufacturer or distributor may be liable.
  • The City of Newark. If a dangerous road defect such as a pothole, unsafe construction zone or fallen tree limb caused the truck accident, the City of Newark, New Jersey may be legally responsible for failing to maintain a safe roadway. Claims against the government use different rules; be sure to work with an attorney.

Finding out who is liable for your recent truck accident and related injuries may take help from a lawyer. Hiring an attorney right away can help you preserve evidence while it is still available, including a truck’s black box or the truck driver’s cell phone records. Do not hesitate to contact an attorney for help after a truck crash in Newark.

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At Console & Associates PC, we support truck accident victims in Newark. Our lawyers can take care of a claim against a major trucking company or another powerful defendant on your behalf. Find out if you have a claim during a free consultation. Contact us online or call our office at (862) 229-1137 today.