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Posted On May 20, 2019 Personal Injury

Passaic County Car Accident Lawyer

Located in northern New Jersey, Passaic County has more than 500,000 residents, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. With several significant cities residing within the county (Paterson, Clifton, and Passaic), there are consistently large volumes of drivers on the roadways and an increased risk that accidents resulting in injuries can occur. Like many of the northern counties in New Jersey, Passaic County is one of the smallest areas in terms of land but has a high population. The county has a diverse geological landscape with a dense, urban environment in the south and mountainous in the north.

The roadways that are found within the county differ greatly depending on the area a motorist is traveling in with narrow, winding roads in the mountains and major highways in the urban areas. Residents and other motorists are at a higher risk of being involved in car accidents in the urban and mountainous areas. When you have been hurt in a crash, there are skilled Newark personal injury accident attorney in Passaic County that can inform you of your legal rights to compensation.

Car Accidents in Passaic County

From 2010 to June 2012 there were 62 fatal accidents on Passaic County roads that resulted in the death of 64 people, according to the New Jersey State Police (NJSP). Nearly 30 percent of these fatalities occurred in Clifton City limits, and Paterson followed closely behind with 17 of the deaths happening on its roads. Of the casualties in the county, more than 80 percent occurred in the southern portion. This reflects that more accidents are occurring in the more densely populated, urban areas of the county as opposed to the mountainous northern section.

One of the reasons that the southern portion sees more fatal accidents could be attributed to the much higher population there than in northern sections. From Wayne and south, there are nearly 430,000 residents. In the northern sections, Pompton Lakes and north, there are only about 68,000 residents, only 15 percent of the other half of the county.

In addition to the higher population in lower Passaic County, there is a slew of significant roadways that exist in the county, including:

  • Interstate 80
  • Interstate 287
  • U.S. Route 202
  • U.S. Route 46
  • Garden State Parkway
  • State Route 23
  • State Route 21
  • State Route 20
  • State Route 19
  • State Route 4
  • State Route 3

There are increased risks for accidents that can result in serious injury or death on these roads due to several contributing factors. First off, these roadways allow motorists to travel at increased speeds. The faster a vehicle traveled at the time of impact; the more damage will result from the forces released in the accident. Also, these roadways are in urban areas that can see a lot of traffic and backups, this increases the stress motorists are experiencing and could result in quick, and sometimes careless, decision making resulting in accidents.

Passaic County Car Accident Attorneys

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident that was caused by another motorist, you may have a personal injury claim. At Console and Associates, our NJ auto accident lawyers have been representing accident victims throughout New Jersey for more than 25 years. We offer a free and confidential consultation. Speak with one of our Newark Car Accident Attorney vehicle accident attorneys today by calling (862) 229-1137.

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