Paterson Car Accident Attorney

With any city one can expect a high volume of people traveling on the roads; this is especially true in a city like Paterson since it is so close to New York City. When you have been involved in a car accident in Paterson‚ everything seems to be moving at lightning speed. One minute you are driving along and suddenly there is a flood of sirens and emergency responders. You’ve been injured‚ your car is badly damaged‚ and you just do not know what is going to happen following the accident.

Accidents are traumatizing‚ and they are even more so when your accident was avoidable had it not been for someone else’s negligence. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident‚ contact the accident injury lawyers Console and Associates. By speaking with an experienced lawyer you are best arming yourself with the knowledge and guidance to get your life back on track.

Paterson is the third-largest city in New Jersey located in Passaic County and is considered one of the largest cities in the New York City Metropolitan area. With so many people on the road it is understandable that so many accidents can occur.

In 2011‚ there were 11 fatal motor vehicle accidents in Paterson; the most in Passaic County. Only two months into 2012 Paterson has already accounted for 20 percent of the fatal accidents in the county with one fatal accident.

What makes Paterson so susceptible not only to having many car accidents‚ but fatal ones? There are several factors that can contribute to making one city’s roads more dangerous than another’s. One factor being the types of roads found in that area. Highways with higher speed limits create more of a danger for motorists. Also if the layout of the streets is confusing‚ with many one ways or complicated traffic patterns it is more likely that an accident will occur.

Major Roads in Paterson

  • Interstate 80
  • Garden State Parkway
  • State Routes 4‚ 19‚ and 20
  • U.S. Route 46
  • Paterson Plank Road
  • Paterson-Hamburg Turnpike

Keeping in mind that the environment of a crash location only holds so much responsibility‚ we must also consider driver error. With considerable technology in our lives and in our cars there seem to be constant distractions from the road. Distracted driving is becoming a more serious problem every day‚ and although in New Jersey it is illegal to use a cell phone while driving people don’t seem to care.

Speak With Qualified NJ Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents can result in extensive injury and property damage. The financial impact of a car accident can be overwhelming‚ and it is particularly frustrating when the accident was caused by someone else’s carelessness.

You may be entitled to compensation to help with medical bills‚ property damage‚ lost wages from time out of work‚ and for pain and suffering. Speak with an experienced Newark car accident lawyer at Console and Associates today. We will go over the specifics of your accident and fight diligently on your behalf. Call us today at (862) 229-1137 and set up your free consultation.