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Posted On March 21, 2017 Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and Fall at Walmart

Because of the high demand for our services, we are only able to handle serious injury cases in New Jersey and PA.

Suing Walmart isn’t easy, but the slip and fall lawyers at Console & Associates can get you the results you deserve.

A slip and fall can unexpectedly turn a shopping trip at a retail store like Walmart into a painful and life-altering experience. If you suffered injuries from a slip and fall at Walmart, you’re unfortunately not alone. And you don’t have to face it alone, either. We are professional personal accident attorneys in PA.

The consultation is free, so call Console & Associates P.C.’s Walmart slip and fall lawyers at (856) 778-5500 today.

Walmart Injury Rate

Just how common is a slip and falls at Walmart? Our firm alone talks to dozens of people each year who suffered injuries at Walmart stores.

Walmart is the target of thousands of lawsuits every year. The company is sued more often than any other American entity aside from the government, according to USA Today.

To Walmart, another injured shopper or personal injury lawsuit may be just business as usual. For you, though, this isn’t a run-of-the-mill situation. Your injury affects every moment of your daily life.

You only have one chance to get the compensation you deserve. So make it count. Hire the right Walmart slip and fall lawyer for the job.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall at Walmart

  1. Report the accident. You must document a Walmart slip and fall accident as soon as it happens. Notify the manager on duty. He or she will likely have you fill out a Walmart injury report. Be aware that you don’t have to sign the report, in fact, in no situation will doing so benefit you. Before you leave the store, ask for a copy of the report.
  2. Gather the evidence. Sticking around the store may be the last thing you feel like doing, but the longer you wait, the more the evidence will fade. Take photographs of the conditions that caused your fall. Note down the names and contact information of anyone who witnessed your fall and ask them to give a statement now. Getting a hold of them later could prove difficult, and they might not clearly remember what happened by then.
  3. See a doctor. Some of our clients injured in Walmart slip and falls went straight to the emergency room. Their injuries were the kind that obviously needed care right away. Others thought they weren’t badly hurt at first, but as the hours passed, their pain got worse. It’s always important to see a doctor as soon as you can after a slip and fall injury. The sooner you get treatment, the sooner you can start getting better, plus, you’ll have documented your injuries for the purposes of your Walmart slip and fall case.
  4. slip fall walmartContact a Walmart injury attorney. Suing Walmart for an injury isn’t something you can do yourself. It’s a serious, and challenging, legal action, and the consequences if you’re unsuccessful are severe. But with the right Walmart slip and fall lawyers on your side, you can get what you deserve.

What Causes Slip and Falls at Walmart?

Property owners are legally responsible for making sure their stores are safe. Walmart is no exception. But too often, business owners fail to keep their stores safe, and that’s how most slip and falls happen.

A few of the safety hazards that can lead to slip and falls at Walmart include:

slip fall walmart

Wet or Slippery Floors

Perhaps the most common cause of slip and fall accidents at Walmart and beyond is slippery walking surfaces. Most of us aren’t staring intently down at the floor when we’re shopping, and we shouldn’t be expected to. When you shop at Walmart, you’re a guest, invited onto the premises for business purposes. You have every right to expect a safe environment to shop in.

Wet and slippery conditions can develop throughout the store. From entryways to garden centers, bathrooms to food aisles, houseware departments to electronics, wet floors can be common. But they can also be difficult to recognize until it’s too late.

You don’t always notice that a freshly mopped patch of floor is slightly shinier than the rest of the floor. Why would you? It’s difficult to see. And that’s exactly why stores are supposed to clean up, block off, or mark with a sign any wet or slippery surface on the premises.

Uneven Walking Surfaces

Slippery floors aren’t the only dangers. An uneven walking surface, like a broken sidewalk, cracked curb, parking lot pothole, or damaged flooring tile, can pose a tripping hazard. Uneven walking surfaces can develop inside or outside the store.

Poor Lighting

If you’ve ever stumbled your way through an aisle where the light bulbs needed replacing or a parking lot where the lampposts weren’t working, you know how dangerous it can be. You can’t clearly see the surface you’re walking on, and that makes it even harder to avoid any safety hazards Walmart’s staff has negligently allowed to exist.

Loose Rugs and Floor Mats

Sometimes rugs and floor mats can make walking more hazardous rather than safer. That’s particularly the case when the mats are poorly maintained or secured.

When a mat you’re walking on slides beneath your feet, you can lose your balance. If the edges roll up, the mat can pose a tripping hazard. Tattered or frayed rugs can get caught on your shoes, clothes, or shopping cart as you walk over them, pulling you off balance so that you fall.

Ice or Snow Buildup Outside the Store

In cold weather, improperly removed ice and snow can put Walmart shoppers at great risk.

It can be difficult for you to see sheets of ice coating the parking lot or walkways. But just because it’s hard for visitors to see doesn’t mean the property’s owner isn’t responsible.

Maintaining business premises properly means having plans in place for effective ice and snow removal. There’s no excuse for allowing ice and snow to build up dangerously and cause a slip and fall injury.

Spilled Foods or Liquids

Sometimes a spill leaves a floor slippery. Other times, it creates a sticky walking surface. The debris can cause you to trip. Whatever the case, businesses like Walmart must immediately block off and clean up a spill. It doesn’t matter whether what spilled is food, a cleaning product, or oil used for maintaining machines; it can’t just remain on the floor, putting shoppers in danger.

slip fall walmart

Improperly Secured Items

An item perched low on a shelf falls off right into your path. And overloaded endcap collapses as you walk by, sending its contents flying. There are many ways an improperly secured item can lead to a slip and fall. To Walmart and its employees, an out-of-place item stuck where it doesn’t may seem like a minor detail. But when it causes an accident that changes your life, it becomes a big deal.

Broken or Hanging Items

Similarly, broken items can turn into safety hazards. A piece of a damaged product that’s for sale can fall off and land on the floor, waiting for an unsuspecting shopper to come along and slip on it. Even damaged display shelves and racks can pose a danger.

Where Are Walmart Slip and Falls Most Common?

As you’ve seen, any number of dangerous conditions can lead to slip and falls in Walmart stores. But just as certain causes of Walmart slip and falls are more common, so are accidents in certain places. Over our 20+ years of experience, the accidents our Walmart injury lawyers have seen most frequently include:

  • Slip and falls in Walmart bathrooms
  • Slip and falls in Walmart parking lots and sidewalks
  • Slip and falls near food vendors inside Walmart
  • Slip and falls at Walmart store entrances and exits
  • Slip and falls in Walmart’s home and housewares department
  • Slip and falls in Walmart’s electronics department
  • Slip and falls in Walmart’s grocery section

Proving Fault in Walmart Slip and Fall Claims

If Walmart failed to meet its legal responsibility to keep the property safe for shoppers, it’s clearly at fault, right? The answer is more complicated than you would hope.

The Challenge of Proving Negligence Against Walmart

Just because you fell on Walmart’s property doesn’t mean that the company will accept the blame and offer you the money you deserve. Businesses don’t do that. Instead, they make you prove that they’re at fault.

Proving fault in slip and fall cases is difficult. The plaintiff, that is, you, the injured person, must show that the defendant knew or should have reasonably known about the hazard that caused you to fall.

Typically, a property owner must have been negligent before there can be any liability or legal fault.

What makes a business negligent? The property owner must have:

  • Been the cause of the hazard
  • Known of the danger yet done nothing to remedy the situation
  • Failed to fix a hazard that he or she should have known about

In your case, that means you have to prove what Walmart did wrong. Did the company create the hazard by improperly removing snow from the walkways or by mopping a floor without blocking off the area?

Did it ignore a reported danger by failing to fix potholes in the parking lot or damaged rugs inside the store?

Did it fail to monitor store safety and allow a spill caused by a customer to remain on the floor until you slipped because of it?

Evidence of Fault for a Slip and Fall at Walmart

Proving fault against a corporation like Walmart requires a thorough investigation, one that, with your injuries, you’re in no condition to conduct yourself.

But our lawyers for a Walmart slip and fall can handle it for you.

We’ll fight for every piece of evidence available to support your Walmart slip and fall claim. Is there video surveillance footage of your fall? We’ll find out and demand that Walmart hand it over, if so.

We’ll dig deeper to learn if other people have gotten hurt because of the same safety hazard that caused your fall. We will find out how the store was maintained and if lax maintenance policies or monitoring practices contributed to your Walmart slip and fall injury.

At Console & Associates P.C., our Walmart slip and fall lawyers have a record of success handling personal injury claims. Call (856) 778-5500 for your free consultation.

Walmart’s Legal Team and Tactics

What should you expect from a Walmart slip and fall lawsuit? Many businesses and corporations want to settle a slip and fall case like yours as quickly and cheaply as possible.

But not Walmart.

This company is always willing to go to trial. Walmart prides itself on changing corporate litigation by vigorously fighting every case, even when a trial could be more costly than settling out of court, USA Today reported.

Walmart’s injury policy means the company rarely settles slip and fall cases. Instead, it takes nearly every case to trial.

Walmart’s legal tactics lead back to practices put in place by founder Sam Walton. His theory was that if the company felt that Walmart wasn’t at fault, the case should go to court.

And, of course, Walmart nearly always decides that it’s not at fault.

This means you won’t be able to get the Walmart slip fall settlement amount you deserve all on your own. The company won’t play fair with you, and it certainly won’t do you any favors, like giving you the money damages you’re entitled to. If the company makes you any settlement offer at all, which is rare, then it’s a sign that your claim could be worth much more than Walmart is willing to offer.

slip fall walmart

Having been the defendant in so many cases, Walmart retains some of the top defense attorneys in the country to fight against slip and fall cases like yours. This makes Walmart one of the toughest opponents you can go up against.

When the company does lose, the chances are good that it will appeal the case, no matter how large or small its value.

Walmart’s unyielding legal tactics and vast resources are precisely why it’s so important that you get the right help on your side. You want a slip and fall at Walmart lawyer who has experience handling complex personal injury claims.

Call a Walmart Slip and Fall Attorney Today

What should you look for in a lawyer to sue Walmart?

Experience Handling Slip and Falls at Walmart and Beyond

A lawyer for a Walmart injury lawsuit needs a certain amount of skills and experience. Fortunately, we’ve got it all.

Our Walmart slip and fall attorneys will put our more than 20 years of experience handling personal injury cases of all kinds to work, making the most of your claim.

We have won millions of dollars in compensation for slip and fall victims, so we know how to maximize the value of your case. We’ve already won numerous six-figure slip and fall settlements, including a recent $400,000 victory for a shopper injured at a retail store.

So what do we know about handling Walmart store injury claims? For one thing, we’ve seen in action how the Walmart injury claims management office denies even claims that have plenty of merits. And, due to our past work in legal defense and the insurance industry, we know the strategies Walmart’s legal team will try to use against you.

Choose the right Walmart slip and fall lawyers now so you can get the payout you deserve, without risking any money yourself in the process.

No-Win, No-Fee, No Catch Attorneys for a Walmart Slip and Fall Claim

With Walmart’s history of taking even the simplest slip and fall cases to court, a legal battle against this powerful corporation could be risky. But it doesn’t have to be.

At Console & Associates P.C., we make every client our No Fee Promise so they can get justice without the risk. When our Walmart slip and fall lawyers take on your case, we also cover all of the upfront costs of pursuing your case. We’ll never ask you to pay upfront for the filing fees, expert witness costs, or other expenses of pursuing your claim.

If we win compensation for you, you pay us a percentage of what we get you, so you’ll never end up owing more than you won. And if we’re unsuccessful at getting money for you, then you’ll never have to pay for our time or representation.

Walmart has nearly unlimited resources. You don’t. But with a team of dedicated Walmart slip and fall attorneys on your side, you can stand up to the company caused your accident.

Our Walmart injury attorneys aren’t intimidated by the massive corporation or its expensive legal team. Call (856) 778-5500 today and let our lawyers fight on your side.