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Posted On July 9, 2019 Philadelphia PA

Spruce Street Harbor Park

Spruce Street Harbor Park is a great tourist attraction center in Philadelphia. During warm weather, the Park is open for fun-seeking crowds for the whole period. Since 2014 the park serves as Delaware Waterfront Oasis. Fun-seeking individuals can enjoy the beautiful Hammocks, floating gardens, play games, shuffleboard, and engage in different activities.

The Park is free from spring to fall, and it’s open to the public. At all times, Spruce Street Harbor Park offers exciting outdoor recreation activities. Each year, a few enhancements are done, which make the park better. If you want to visit the Spruce Street Harbor Park, some of the activities you can do are:

Lounge in Hammocks

There are more than 50 Hammocks strung across the park. The Hammocks are colorful and handmade hence creating a relaxing mood. You can spend your evening at the Hammocks if you need to enjoy the twinkling lights. They light up the park, and the LED lights can change their colors. Instead of spending your nights in your hotel room, the Hammocks will offer a serene and beautiful environment to rejuvenate your spirits.

Sun Basking

During summer, the weather is hot, and the sun shines throughout the day. Along the waterfront, there are three perfectly landscaped barges. They have floating gardens and adequate space for large groups of around 50 people. There is a net lounge which offers a beautiful space where someone can bask over the river as they enjoy the warm weather. The lobby hangs approximately 4-feet above the water.

The barges are also safe and ADA compliant and made from appealing raw metal railings. You can sun bask on the barges with your whole crew as you cruise along the river. The floating gardens are from a non-toxic and durable plastic material.

Hang Out or Play Games at The Boardwalk

The boardwalk at the park boasts of the Hammocks, swings, shuffleboards, ping pong and also bocce courts. The creation gives ample space where different activities can take place. Together with your friends or family can engage in a Bocce game. Shuffleboard or ping pong.

On the Southern-end of the Boardwalk, there are Arcade games you can play to pass your time. You can play games like air hockey, skeeball, claw crane games, or racing games. These games are in converted shipping containers.

Enjoy Spruce Park Foods and Drinks.

The Spruce Street Harbor Park offers tons of unique cuisines you can enjoy with your whole family. Their menus provide plenty of kid-friendly dishes making it a perfect holiday destination for the entire family. They also offer vegan milkshakes and amazing desserts. Bring with you a healthy appetite if you want to enjoy what the park offers.

The Park is known as a beer garden since it has three bars. The bars serve more than 15 draft cocktails, local craft bars, wine and frozen drinks in the park. You can explore and enjoy different types of drinks as you explore the park.

Sunday Funday.

Every Sunday during summer, the park offers kids-friendly programs which are free and themed. The programs are perfect for the whole family to spend time together. You can play by the riverside, paint, or build together as a family.

Attending Special Concerts.

The Oasis hosts different events which are free during the summer season. If you are visiting the park, it would be perfect for mingling with dozens of tourists. If you swing by during the right day, you can enjoy as the local artists perform. There is usually plenty of fantastic jazz music concerts in the park. You should check the event calendars for the events happening within the period you are visiting.

Visit Philly’s Chair.

Philly’s chair is also a famous icon in the park. During your visit, you can take your kids for a photo session on this iconic chair. It offers a fantastic view of the Ben Franklin Bridge at the back.

Ride A Swan Boat.

Do you love kayaking or water activities? There are plenty of padded swan boats along the riverfront. You can rent one of the boats for your deep-sea adventures. The boats are rented on a first-come-first-serve basis. If your kid is capable of rowing a boat, they can accompany you during your water tour. There are also kayaks for individuals who need to engage in kayaking.

The Spruce Street Harbor Park can be accessed with ease via public transport. It’s on 301 S Christopher Columbus Blvd. If you need to come to our office via road, head North from S Christopher Colombus Blvd and use Spruce street, after 1.1 Miles, you can turn right onto the 13th street, and drive for 0.2 miles on to the Sansom street.


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