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Trenton Dog Attack Attorney

At Console & Associates P.C.Dog Bite Lawyers, we provide compassionate and sympathetic legal services to dog attack survivors and loved ones of the deceased in Trenton, New Jersey. We understand how physically traumatic and emotionally disturbing a dog attack can be, as well as how to help victims recover. Our dog attack attorneys use aggressive negotiation tactics to force pet owners to pay fair amounts for injuries their dogs cause. If you have a dog attack case in Mercer County, please contact us for a free consultation.

Why We Are the Right Choice

  • We have years of experience bringing dog owners to justice on behalf of those bitten. We founded Console & Associates P.C. over 25 years ago.
  • We have two law offices in New Jersey: Marlton and Newark.
  • We have secured over $100 million for injured clients in the past, including many dog bite survivors.
  • We take all Trenton dog bite claims on a contingency fee basis, with no legal fees unless we win.

Do You Need a Dog Bite Lawyer?

Dealing with a dog attack alone could expose you to risks such as an insurance company taking advantage of you or a dog owner avoiding liability. Even if the pet’s owner appears to be cooperating, his or her insurance company may try to get away with paying you less than you deserve or nothing at all. Hiring our Trenton personal injury lawyers can balance the scales between you and a powerful insurance provider. Your lawyer can take over settlement negotiations for your dog bite injuries while you focus on healing.

Is New Jersey a One-Bite State?

No, New Jersey is not a one-bite state. One-bite states have dog attack laws that help pet owners more than victims. One-bite statutes say a dog owner will only be liable for an attack if the owner knew or should have known about the dog’s propensity to bite, such as if the dog had bitten someone before. New Jersey’s law is better for victims: it is a strict liability law, meaning pet owners will be responsible for injuries their dogs cause regardless of the pet’s history. Even if you were the dog’s first victim, the owner may owe you compensation in New Jersey.

To obtain fair compensation, however, you or your lawyer will still have to prove a few things. You will need to demonstrate the defendant was the owner or controller in charge of the dog at the time of the attack and that you were lawfully on the property where the bite occurred. You may also have to defend yourself if the pet owner alleges that you contributed to the attack by provoking the dog. A Trenton dog attack attorney can help you seek fair recovery using smart legal strategies.

What to Do After a Dog Attack

Get medical care immediately after a dog attack. Go to the nearest hospital, such as the St. Francis Medical Center or Trenton General Hospital, for dog bite injury treatment. A dog bite can fester and cause a serious infection that can lead to further trauma, such as limb amputation. You may also need shots to avoid contracting diseases from an unvaccinated dog. Request copies of your medical records to serve as proof during your dog attack claim. Then, consult an attorney for further guidance.

Contact a Trenton Dog Attack Lawyer Today

No Fee PromiseInvestigating a dog attack, collecting evidence, assessing damages, estimating case value, filing a claim and fighting for compensation are all actions a lawyer can take on your behalf. If you are dealing with a dog bite injury, damaged property, the death of a domestic animal or the loss of a loved one from a dog attack in Trenton, New Jersey, do not hesitate to contact Console & Associates P.C. We may be able to help you recover financially, physically and emotionally. Call (856) 778-5500 today.

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