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Newark Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Motorcycle Accident AttorneyFor a lot of bikers, riding is more than just a mode of transportation. It’s a way of life. But that can all be gone in the blink of an eye when a motorcycle accident occurs in Newark, NJ.

Victims of motorcycle accidents face lasting pain and injuries, sky-high medical bills, and the loss of their freedom and mobility. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorcycle accident, you know how devastating these consequences can be. You need an experienced Newark motorcycle accident lawyer to fight for you and secure the compensation you deserve.

What to Do When You’ve Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident in Newark, New Jersey

1. Call for Help.

NJ motorcycle lawyersA motorcycle accident is an emergency. So don’t hesitate to call 9-1-1 for emergency help.

The first responders who are usually dispatched to a motorcycle accident scene in Newark include:

A Newark police officer (or New Jersey State Police officer), who can secure the accident scene to prevent further crashes and gather all information into an official police report

EMTs and paramedics, who can provide emergency medical services and, if needed, transport you by ambulance to the hospital for further examination and treatment.

Motor vehicle accidents that culminate in injuries — or even property damage of $500 or more — must be reported under New Jersey law (statute 39:4-130). Calling 9-1-1 after a Newark motorcycle crash meets this obligation to report the accident immediately. It also serves as documentation that the accident happened. And, of course, the care rendered on the scene of the crash by emergency medical personnel can be life-saving.

2. Document the Accident.

If you are physically well enough to do so, try to document the accident yourself through photographs and notes.

Use your cell phone to take photos of the accident scene, the damage to the vehicles, and your injuries. Take down the names, contact information, and statements of anyone who witnessed the accident.

3. Seek Medical Help Immediately.

After a motorcycle accident in Newark, you need medical treat treatment — the sooner, the better.

It’s in your best interests to go directly to a hospital, where you can get emergency care and where the diagnostic tools and treatment equipment are already in place. Our Newark motorcycle accident law firm often assists clients who receive care at local hospitals, including:

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Children’s Hospital of New Jersey

University Hospital

Saint Michael’s Medical Center

Columbus Hospital LTACH

You might not be comfortable rushing to the ER by ambulance, especially if you don’t think you’re “really” hurt. But you should get checked out, whether at an urgent care facility or a doctor’s office.

Remember, an injury doesn’t have to be immediately life-threatening to be serious enough to impact your life. Plenty of people struggle to get through work or their daily tasks due to serious but non-life-threatening injuries. Getting checked out early can help you get on the road to recovery faster.

4. Talk to a Lawyer.

When is the right time to talk to a lawyer? It’s almost never too early after a crash to get an attorney involved.

Retaining a lawyer early means you have someone on your side from the start to make sure you have access to the care you need. It means you have an entire legal team protecting you from the tactics insurance companies (even your own) often use to reduce the value of your compensation.

And it means peace of mind — having a professional to turn to anytime you have a question about your legal matter.

5. Notify the Insurance Companies.

Interacting with the insurance companies is an unavoidable part of a personal injury claim, but these interactions can be frustrating, time-consuming, and dangerous to your case. You’re better off letting your attorney handle this.

If you must notify the insurance companies yourself, keep your conversations with an insurance adjuster brief. Avoid discussing the extent of your injuries and making small talk.

About Motorcycle Accidents in Newark, NJ

Newark, New Jersey Is a Hotspot for Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular across the country, particularly in metropolitan areas like Newark. Their small size makes these bikes ideal for navigating and finding parking on crowded city streets. As a site for heavy commuter traffic in the tri-state area, Newark is one of the most popular cities for bikers. Unfortunately, it is also a hotspot for motorcycle accidents.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are close to 5,000 fatal motorcycle accidents each year in the United States. Motorcyclists are 5 times more likely to be injured and 26 times more likely to die in a collision than a passenger in a car wreck, the NHTSA reported. In New Jersey, in particular, a motorcyclist sustains an injury in 82 percent of all motorcycle crashes, according to the NJ Office of the Attorney General.

These are disturbing statistics — especially when you consider the severity of most injuries and the cost of treatment.

Why Do So Many Motorcycle Accidents Occur in Newark?

What is it about Newark, New Jersey, that makes this city so dangerous for bikers?

  • As a whole, New Jersey is a densely populated state with high traffic volume. As the most populous city in NJ, Newark roads are particularly busy. The sheer number of people on the roads of the Brick City dramatically increases the chances of having a motorcycle accident here.
  • This heavy traffic doesn’t just make a motorcycle crash statistically more likely in Newark. Congestion directly interferes with visibility, particularly of motorcyclists. In heavy traffic, bumper-to-bumper cars and trucks often obscure motorcycles from view, and drivers are likely to be distracted by what’s happening around them. Not seeing a motorcycle is a significant cause of accidents in heavy-traffic areas like Newark.
  • Because Newark is a major shipping thoroughfare, this City by the River is full of large trucks with equally large blind spots. Further, these trucks can’t stop on a dime or make quick turns or evasive maneuvers. If they don’t see a biker in time, the results can be fatal.

Where Motorcycle Crashes Happen on Newark, NJ Roads

Motorcycle collisions happen more commonly on certain Newark roadways.

Some of the busiest city streets in Newark include:

  • County 510
  • County 605
  • Avenue L
  • 15th Avenue
  • Bloomfield Avenue
  • Bragaw Avenue
  • Broadway Avenue
  • Clinton Avenue
  • Fairmount Avenue
  • Jelliff Avenue
  • Madison Avenue
  • Montclair Avenue
  • South Orange Avenue
  • Springfield Avenue
  • Bergen Street
  • Bridge Street
  • Broad Street
  • Chestnut Street
  • Elm Street
  • Garden Street
  • Jacob Street
  • Market Street
  • Pacific Street
  • Washington Street
  • Raymond Boulevard

Several highways also pass through Newark. The higher speeds of travel and greater potential for congestion make highway motorcycle collisions likely — and particularly devastating.

Newark highways include:

  • The Garden State Parkway
  • The New Jersey Turnpike (I-95)
  • Route 1
  • Route 9
  • Route 21
  • Route 22
  • Route 78
  • Route 280

The two intersections in Newark where the most fatal motor vehicle accidents happen are:

  • The intersection of Avon Ave. and 16th St.
  • The intersection of Raymond Blvd. and Clover St.

Types of Motorcycle Accidents in Newark, NJ

  • Head-on motorcycle crashes
  • Rear-end motorcycle collisions
  • Broadside or T-bone motorcycle accidents
  • Sideswipe motorcycle accidents
  • Blind spot motorcycle accidents
  • Left-turn motorcycle accidents
  • Hit and run motorcycle accidents

Differences Between Newark Motorcycle Accidents and Car Accidents

In many ways, a motorcycle crash is different from a wreck involving only passenger vehicles.

Less Protection Equals More Damage

A motorcycle lacks the stability and enclosure of a typical car. You’re far more likely to be “ejected” from the motorcycle — or fall off — than to be ejected from the inside of a car, and your smaller vehicle can be crushed by the forces of the impact.

Bikers sustain more property damage to their motorcycles and more extensive physical injuries than the occupant of a car would sustain in a similar crash.

Differences in Insurance Coverage

Who pays for a motorcycle accident? Unless you pursue a personal injury claim in Newark, New Jersey, there’s a good chance this burden will fall on your family.

New Jersey is a no-fault state. That means people involved in auto accidents are responsible for the cost of their medical care even if they were not at fault.

NJ auto insurance policies cover the cost of injuries from a car wreck under Personal Injury Protection (PIP). However, PIP does not cover injuries from a motorcycle accident.

This means you’re left relying on your health insurance policy, if you have one. Even with health insurance, you could be looking at thousands in out-of-pocket medical expenses. If you don’t have health insurance, you could quickly find yourself neck-deep in medical bills.

This isn’t a situation where you save the hassle of a legal matter. It’s the kind of injury that could bankrupt your family unless you pursue a motorcycle accident insurance claim.

Do I Have a Newark Motorcycle Accident Case?

Generally, whether you can pursue a motorcycle accident lawsuit depends on two crucial elements of a case: negligence and damages.

Negligence in a Newark Motorcycle Accident Claim

Negligence means failing to meet the duty of care expected of a person or other entity. Everyone on the road has a duty of care to others sharing the roadway. Any motorist who violates traffic safety laws and causes an accident that injures you can be held accountable for their negligence.

Who Is Liable for a Newark, NJ Motorcycle Accident?

A negligent driver is liable, or legally responsible, for the harm they cause in an accident.

Other entities who may be liable for a motorcycle accident include:

  • A manufacturer who makes a defective motorcycle part that causes you to crash
  • The city of Newark, Essex County, or the state of New Jersey, if the road was so negligently maintained that it posed a serious hazard that contributed to the accident

Types of Damages in a Newark Motorcycle Accident Case

Motorcycle accident victims in Newark can seek compensation for losses, or damages, like the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Future medical costs
  • Lost wages accumulated while your injuries kept you out of work
  • Any decline in future earning potential, such as if your injury left you disabled or if you anticipate being out of work for a long time due for future medical procedures
  • The pain and suffering you have been through
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress, including depression, anxiety, and PTSD
  • Permanent scarring or disfigurement
  • Any loss of quality of life due to your injuries

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Newark

In our 25+ years of practice, our Newark motorcycle accident lawyers have represented many clients who have suffered severe and life-altering injuries, such as:

  • Serious cuts and lacerations that require medical intervention
  • Broken bones
  • Neck and back injuries, including bulging and herniated discs
  • Spinal cord injuries that lead to paralysis
  • Head injuries, concussions, and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Internal injuries
  • Nerve damage, such as “biker’s arm”
  • Injured or missing limbs
  • Muscular sprains and tears
  • Lower-extremity injuries
  • Road rash and burns

Recovering From Serious and Catastrophic Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle crash victims often have to undergo extensive and expensive medical care. This includes surgeries, physical therapy, and visits to specialist doctors.

Treatments can last months or even years. Some motorcycle accident victims will never make a full recovery and may need therapy, pain management care, assistive devices, or round-the-clock care for the rest of their lives.

These bills add up quickly. Many of our clients have had hundreds of thousands of dollars in accident-related debt. Without the right legal representation, motorcycle injury victims face having to pay these medical bills all on their own — a burden that’s as unfair as it is impossible.

The Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Newark

  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or even prescription or over-the-counter drugs that impair driving ability
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating, or following too closely
  • Failing to observe traffic lights, signs, and signals
  • Neglecting to use turn signals where appropriate
  • Improper or unsafe lane change or passing of another vehicle, including neglecting to check blind spots
  • Swerving or turning in front of a motorcycle, especially left-hand turns
  • A car door opening into the path of a motorcyclist
  • Driver inexperience
  • Malfunctioning or defective motorcycle parts
  • Hazardous road conditions, including obstacles or debris on the roadway

Do I Need a Newark Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Some people try to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on their own, without a Newark motorcycle accident lawyer. Unfortunately, this often results in a drastically lower payout and a lot of hassle.

Many insurance companies try to get out of paying by pinning the blame on the biker, even when the other driver was at fault. Motorcycles are often stereotyped as reckless, and insurance companies use this as an excuse to avoid big payouts.

Insurance companies have a team of professionals whose job is to save the company money. Don’t go up against them without a team of your own — a team of experienced Newark, New Jersey motorcycle accident attorneys, that is.

How Much Is a Newark Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

You Can Afford Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Newark, NJ

Too many motorcycle accident victims avoid filing for legal compensation because they don’t think they can’t afford it. They’re afraid a lawyer will be too expensive and will only add to their already substantial financial burden.

But that’s not how we do business as at Console and Associates. We only get paid when you do.

We call this our No Win, No Fee, No Catch Promise. Here is how it works:

  • If we are not able to win money for you, you won’t owe us a thing — not even the costs of legal filing fees and accident investigation.
  • There are no up-front costs, and we will never charge you fees for meetings or phone calls.
  • We will even review your case for free, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.
  • When and if we win your case, you simply pay us a percentage of the awarded money.

You can’t afford overwhelming medical bills. You can’t afford to go without compensation for your lost income. But you can afford a motorcycle accident attorney.

Free Consultation for Your Newark Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

Don’t saddle yourself with unnecessary stress and out of pocket expenses. Don’t risk losing your chance to pursue justice. Call us at (862) 229-1137 to get help immediately.

FAQ – Newark Motorcycle Accident

1. How Long Do I Have to File a Newark Motorcycle Accident Claim?

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, don’t wait to get help. Having an attorney on your side from day one won’t cost you anything, and it provides a valuable safety net — not to mention saving you time and hassle.

Under New Jersey law, the victim of a collision generally has two years to begin a lawsuit against the other driver. This time limit is known as a statute of limitations. If the statute of limitations runs out before you file a lawsuit, you will lose all legal rights to pursue any compensation for your case.

There are some exceptions to the two-year rule — for example, if the accident victim is a minor. However, there are no exceptions to the rule that you must file your lawsuit by the time your statute of limitations ends. If you wait until the statute of limitations ends to file your claim, nothing can be done, no matter how badly you were hurt or how expensive your medical bills are.

To make things even more complicated, there are some instances in NJ — under Title 59, involving claims against government entities — where you only have 90 days to notify the defendant of a claim. To be sure that you are able to seek compensation for an accident that wasn’t your fault, it is best to contact a lawyer and file a claim as soon as possible.

No one wants to deal with lawsuits and legal claims, especially when they’re trying to heal from a traumatic event. It’s easy to tell yourself you’ll deal with the lawsuit once you’ve recovered. But, depending on the specifics of your accident, you may not have much time.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, get in contact with a Newark personal injury attorney as quickly as you can.

2. What Can a Newark Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do for Me?

Here’s what a Newark motorcycle accident lawyer in New Jersey will do for your claim:

  • Investigate your crash and gather evidence to prove liability
  • Document all of your damages in your claim for full compensation
  • File Newark motorcycle accident litigation on your behalf
  • Negotiate with the insurance company to get a settlement that covers your losses
  • Represent you in all legal proceedings, including a trial, if necessary
  • … and do it all at no upfront cost, with no-win, no-fee representation and a free consultation.

3. Why Should I Choose Console & Associates’ Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Newark, NJ

  • An exclusive focus on personal injury matters
  • More than 25 years of experience
  • A history of six-figure settlements and awards for accident victims like you

Our Results for Motorcycle Accident Victims in Newark and Beyond

Research has shown that attorneys get their clients 3.5 times more money, on average, than unrepresented claimants get on their own. But not all attorneys will bring equal value to your motorcycle accident claim.

For example, when we helped one client who was injured in a motorcycle crash while on the clock, we got him more than 14 times the settlement offer he had almost accepted.

Our client worked for a motorsport vehicle retailer and was hit by another driver while test driving one of the new motorcycles. At first, he tried to argue his case by himself and received a settlement offer of $25,000.

But he asked us to review his case (at no charge) before he agreed — and it’s a good thing he did.

We knew this settlement offer was lower than he deserved. We ended up getting him a settlement of $340,000.

The results of your case will depend on your specific circumstances. We can’t guarantee everyone will have the same results.

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