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Here are a few of our frequently asked questions and popular topics.


Car Accidents & Personal Injury

  1. Read about some of the recent herniated disc car accident settlements we’ve worked with in New Jersey.
  2. Read about recent settlements involving rear-end accidents
  3. Read some tips for how to help an amputee cope with their loss.
  4. Tips for preventing accidents and injury in your home.
  5. Read examples of what types of settlements to expect from a rear end collision.
  6. Find out if a subcontractor can sue a contractor for injury.
  7. See how much you should expect from a car accident settlement
  8. What are your chances of winning a car accident settlement?
  9. See what to expect from neck injury settlements
  10. Find out more about Six Flags settlements in New Jersey

Class Action News

  1. Read about the latest update on the Glen Mills school lawsuit involving abuse at school in Pennsylvania.
  2. Get the latest updates on the Zantac lawsuit
  3. Get the latest updates on the Devereux lawsuit

Medical Malpractice

  1. When does bad bedside manner cross the line into actual medical malpractice?

Dog Bites

  1. How much can I expect from a New Jersey Dog Bite Settlement?

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

  1. Read about two of our clients who have suffered after being rear-ended by a commercial truck and their settlement outcomes.
  2. Learn about commercial truck accident statistics and settlement amounts in New Jersey.

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