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National Mass Tort Claims


Current Mass Tort Claims

Below are some of the claims that national law firms are currently seeking mass tort status for:


Inactive Mass Tort Claims

An inactive claim is one that none of the national lawyers in our network are currently accepting new cases on. This can occur once the Statute of Limitations (SOL) expires, or if the mass tort is already filed and a decision needs to be made before filing additional claims.

What Is A Mass Tort Claim?

When your injuries are due to a defective product, medication, or device, you may be eligible for a mass tort claim. Instead of trying each case individually, a mass tort claim represents several plaintiffs. Depending on the lawsuit, a single claim could include victims in multiple states.

Why Don’t They Try Each Claim On Its Own?

Every injury is unique, as are the damages caused by that injury. However, when a product is defective, many plaintiffs report similar injuries. Rather than filing each claim individually, a mass tort lets an attorney reach a settlement for all the claims at once.

A mass tort can be the most efficient way to get you compensated for your injuries. Depending on your claim, a successful mass tort can also force negligent companies to set aside funds for future victims.

Thanks to mass tort asbestos claim future victims of the cancerous material have a trust fund they can seek damages from.

Does A Mass Tort Mean A Smaller Settlement?

No. A mass tort combines your claim with similar ones, but that doesn’t mean you receive a smaller settlement. Like a personal injury claim, your attorney will seek maximum damages for your injuries.

The damages sought in the mass tort include all damages from the individual plaintiffs. Any settlement reached will include those damages.