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Posted On July 4, 2019 Philadelphia PA

Mummers Museum

Launched in 1976, Mummers Museum is one of the most renowned tourist destinations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that receives thousands of visitors each year. The venue was named after its costumed entertainers known as Mummers, who are famous for their electric dance & music performances usually done during New Year celebrations.

The site is open for everyone to visit since admission is completely free, plus you can learn a lot about the region’s culture including where the Mummers tradition originally came from. Tourists are also allowed to dress up like the entertainers and take photos to relive these exciting moments when they go back home.

What is it like inside the museum?

Mummers Museum Philadelphia

Mummers Museum is all about the local community’s pride and fashion. Upon entering the venue, you will see lots of beautiful costumes displayed on the sidelines, with various boards placed against them to show the various stories behind each exhibit.

If you’re lucky, you may even learn how to make the Mummers strut dance move which is showcased as a short movie. Likewise, there are days when they host live string-band shows where the main acts wear beautiful ribbons symbolizing Philadelphia’s diverse cultural heritage.


To get to Mummers Museum by road, you can follow Washington Avenue and then branch eastwards towards 1100 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19147-5497 Bella Vista where it’s located.

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Other attraction sites near Mummers Museum

Apart from Mummers, there are many other destinations you can visit around the region and still have fun. Some of them include the following:

Independence Park

This is a national historical center famed for being the place where America signed its Declaration of Independence contract, and where the first U.S Constitution was ratified. The entire facility covers an area of 55 acres, which houses key attraction spots such as the Liberty Bell & Independence Hall, City Tavern, Franklin Court and rare historical artifacts like the Syng Inkstand that was used when both the U.S Constitution and Declaration were being signed.

Philadelphia Magic Gardens

Located along South Street, the venue consists of a massive outdoor labyrinth and indoor galleries with all sorts of mosaic artwork to sample. The Magic Gardens was invented by renowned mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar and covers an area of 3 city lots with each space dotted by sculptures made from kitchen tiles, china plates, and bike wheels among other scrap items.

The Franklin Institute

This is one of the most popular museums in Philadelphia that’s dedicated to science and research, it’s based along 222 North 20th Street Philadelphia, PA 19110 and has exhibitions displaying everything from Apollo 11’s moon landing, Marvel Superheroes for kids, entertainment and flight simulators, including science discovery camps where children can participate in practical science activities.

Additionally, the center regularly hosts live science shows where visitors can see various exciting experiments being carried out by researchers. Most of these shows are held at the Musser Demonstration Theater and take around 20 minutes to perform on average.

To summarize, Mummers Museum is an exciting tourist attraction in Philadelphia that plays host to diverse cultural costumes and artifacts, which appreciate the region’s Mummers culture. The Mummers, are known for their flamboyant costumes, songs, and parades usually conducted during New Year’s Day.

Apart from the museum which is found on 1100 S 2nd Street, Philadelphia also has other equally attractive sites such as the Independence Park, where the country’s Declaration of Independence was signed, as well as Franklin Institute of science and Magical Gardens Park.