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Posted On August 20, 2019 Philadelphia PA

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art is among the most significant art collection centers in the country. If you love visiting cultural centers, the Art Museum should be on your list. The Museum of Art is located on Benjamin Franklin Parkway. It has a vast art gallery which makes it one of the largest in the region.

The Museum of Art was founded in the year 1876 and was a center for decorative arts. It’s housed in three linked Greek temples which were built in the year 1928. Julian Abele was the architect, and he came up with the idea from inspiration he got while on tour to Greece.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art offers a fantastic and modern impression. It has more than 80 rooms and has top floors where visitors can enjoy arts from other cultures. There are different activities you can do if you are visiting the museum. Remember, its usually open from Tuesday to Sunday from 1000 hours to 1700 hours. However, on Wednesday and Friday, the Museum stays open till 2045 hours. Some of the activities you can do during your tour include:

– Great Stair Hall.

If you have a few hours on your visit schedule, you can consider visiting the Great Stair Hall. It features a bronze statue of Diana, a Greek goddess. The effigy is framed between two iconic columns above a layer of a staircase. Diana has a 23.4-karat red gold coat. You can take a photo standing in front of Diana’s statue.

– Visit World’s Famous Impressionists Works.

Renoir, Cezanne, Manet, and Monet were influential and famous world’s impressionist. They have great art pieces which are hung on the walls of the museum. If you have a few hours during your visit, plan to spend some time in the museum and enjoy the fantastic art collection.

– Visit Étant donnés by Marcel Duchamp

During his last two decades, Duchamp devoted his time to work on the famous Étant donnés. Once you visit the art museum, you can take a peep at his strange work. He worked on his final project behind closed doors. After his death in 1968, the piece of art was placed in an assemblage made from a wooden door.

The wooden door has two peepholes where a visitor can look through. It gives an untranslatable experience and fantastic artwork. You can see a naked lady lying on the bed in a spread-eagled posture. There are twigs and fallen leaves on the bed. The lady holds a gas lamp with her left hand, and you can enjoy the mesmerizing landscape behind her.

– Arms of Armor.

If you have adequate time, there are a lot of mesmerizing galleries of armor in the museum. Most of the traditional armor used by soldiers are on display in the galleries. You can enjoy the sight of worldwide armor from different nations like Italians, Germans, and Indians.

There is a horse armor which was used by Duke, the Ulrich of Württemberg. The exotic leather and brass body armor isn’t a sight that you can miss when you are on tour to the museum.

– Visit the Architectural Site.

There are impressive and ancient architectural settings in the museum. The architectural setup can teach one a lot on the different cultures and lifestyles across the world. There are also local designs like the Philadelphia parlor design. Some of the artistic designs are dated back to the 18th century. Architects and interior designers are bound to benefit more from visiting the architectural site.

– Enjoy The Breeze At Sculpture Garden.

Are you in Philadelphia during the summer? Its the perfect time for you to enjoy the cool breeze at the Sculpture Garden. The garden offers a lot of fascinating ancient sculptures like the enormous Three-way plug. The plug is dated back to 1965 and has a large cardboard plug made from bronze, mahogany, and steel. There are different outdoor contemporary works done by famous artists in the garden. The garden is well manicured and peaceful to spend your day with limited distractions.


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